Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Only one naked

[  A member of  [ymna2]  Yahoo Group contributed the following real CMNM experience.]

Has anyone ever been in this situation? Where was it that you were the only one nude?

In my home it happens all the time. I don't even bother to get dressed unless I think they may be uncomfortable with it. I'm a good host if nothing else. Sorry it's the way I was raised.

Outside the home it's only happened once.

While fishing at a small lake in the Bolivian Antiplano near the Peruvian border. My road trip buddies and I were camping. And I woke up early. Around 5am. I decided to go catch breakfast. While there three men from a near village appeared to fish also. At first they sat at a distance from me. Far enough that I could see them but could not make out their faces clearly.

After about 45 minutes one them got up and started walking towards me. When he got closer he held his hand up in greeting and spoke. He was Quechua. A native Bolivian. I can't speak Quechua but I waved and greeted him in Spanish. Most Bolivians speak Spanish. This one didn't. He stood there, looking me up and down, chewing on a coca leaf. Then he turns and calls to his friends.

I'm nervous now.

His friends come over. He starts speaking to them. They are all looking at me. I'm thinking "I'm so going to die or get kidnapped here". Then one of them turns and speaks to me in Spanish. He wants to know where I am from. I tell him and quickly tell him where my parents are from.

He laughs and says something to his friends...and they laugh. Then he tells me the fishing is better where they are and invites me to join them.

So I do. They even give me some of the breakfast their wives have made for them. We spent a couple of hours fishing, talking, him translating into Quechua for his friends.

Not once did any of them ever ask why I was naked. I've never been sure if they felt it would be rude to ask. Or they just didn't care. Or it was the coca leaves that all Bolivians constantly chew.

Later on. My road trip buddies start showing up one by one. One of them also naked. We ended up spending the entire day fishing. As the day progressed more men and boys showed up. They introduced us to coca leaves. We introduced them to Mexican tequila :)


P.S. BTW. It was indeed a great spot to fish. I personally caught 35 that day.

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