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Suburban nudism - exposed at public recreation area


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Posted: Thu Sep 11  Post subject: Suburban nudism - exposed at public recreation area

Summer's dwindling away slowly here. But the sunny days are no longer so humid; school's getting started so that brings out teams and athletic groups. Fortunately, we've had few typhoons (Pacific hurricanes) so far this season.

Instead of spending all summer abroad (US/Europe), I returned to Japan and have had a few weeks off. Lucky for me, it means trips locally (by bike), into the big city (for the gay baths) or further away. Just minutes by bicycle from my house is a (usually) shallow river that has large flat flood-zone embankments which are used for recreation areas. Eventually, I came to discover there is a unknown (but fairly trafficked gay cruising area on one of those flood-zone embankments where I now go nude sunbathing and cruising a several times a month in the warm seasons.

I've been spending lots of time there - sunning myself (almost naked or sometimes completely). I was pleasantly surprised recently to be flashed (accidental exposure - really) by some college age frisbee soccer dudes. (see pics below)
The best 'exposing' was done on a Sunday afternoon. But unfortunately, I didn't have my camera. I went back two days later and the same group was practicing. This time I got some photos; however, the two hottest guys who naked 'incidents' I wrote about in the blog entry (below) weren't as exhibitionistic as before.

I wrote about it in one of my blogs:

Still ... I think you can get a flavor of what I was seeing before - since their undressing after practice lasted over a 15-20 minute period.

They are not intentionally flashing anybody - except maybe each other - although I can't see why they wouldn't know that anybody (like the white American guy sitting around the field) could be watching or even people passing on the walkway above them. However, I found it so ironic that they could so easily get naked -- since Japanese are so shy in some aspects of their individual personalities and social culture. Paradoxically, people in groups can get away with almost anything if the 'group's' mores/norms allow it.

It was both intriguing and downright sexy to watch. Enough so that afterwards, I had to get naked and exposed - on my own. It was easy and ohh so fun .. being inspired to nakedness!


Japanese frisbee soccer team members get out of uniforms on the field. The guy on far right (holding his balls) is the one who was taunted and kept naked by his teammates (two days before).

They are careful about covering the front so it's mainly their butts that are exposed. Some groups seem more shy (and use towels). In this team, they all showed ass.

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!



Jerking off in a local river after being inspired by seeing soccer boy butts

Desperately flashing Nobody

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As I said, I was inspired to try out some innocent naked exposure on my own -- hardly innocent - but not malicious either. Who knows maybe there was someone with a camera, taking photos of my naked body - just as I had done with the frisbee team above.

About 4:30pm when the fisherman leave the river (most have on waders and are out flying fishing), I move from near the side of the frisbee soccer field on down to the river's edge. There is a grassy / bushy area between the field area and the river banks, which is lower, flat but wide, and partially hidden - except from people who are either on the river's edge or who are standing on the other side of the river. It's covered in smooth rounded rocks and pebbles.

I strip and wear my wrap-around (pareo) to get into the water. Then remove it and swim in the very shallow cool and clean (mostly clean) water. It's not the muddy crap you see in China or some other Asian nations. The water in Japan is mostly clean so much so that you're tempted to drink it - and probably could without risk. The people in Japan are proud of their water and a lot of public works money is spent to ensure its quality and efficiency.

I start jerking my cock and it gets hard, knowing that someone might be able to see me -- either from the opposite banks, or the apartment building balconies just beyond that. Other 'viewers' might suddenly come down the embankment from behind me and interrupt my masturbating, but that only serves to get me more excited. Two teenage boys are fishing at my left down the river - they could have looked up - to see a naked male figure on the horizon. I keep looking to see if they noticed - but had no indication that they ever did.

If anybody gazes in my direction for a little while, they would see the regular pumping movements of my arm and a hand that's moving back and forth at my crotch. I'm not going to stand up - it's not even 5 pm and the sun is still one hour before setting - bathing me in soft yellowish light. Before long, my cum mingles with the mossy rocks and flows rapidly away downstream.

Before that, I had taken some pics of me standing or kneeling in the water. There were pics too of people around me.

standing naked in the local river

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!
Kelly (sunbuns / sunbuns99)

Hawaii: Home to the World's Most Diverse Hot Men!

What has been said about Hawaii is so true - it is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the US and probably rivals the racial and multicultural diversity of just about any where. I've visiting some very diverse communities - not all by any means, but Hawaii has as much diversity although not as great depth of individual ethnic cultures as Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco, London, Singapore, New York or Paris.

What' s even better is that there are plenty of non-white men who actually LIKE white guys (of course there are those who don't seek them out too). Having lived in Japan - from my experience, there are plenty (if the majority of gay men in that country) who either don't like Caucasian men or are leery, afraid or unsure of how to relate (culturally, sexually or linguistically). Some Japanese men have some inferiority issues - -and oral communication in a foreign language is one of them.

To an extent this is probably true in any country that has one dominant racial group and minorities are seldom seen or rarely befriended (as might be true in China, Korea, and some southeast Asian countries). Hey, it is little different actually in part of the US -- some Ohio counties have actually NO black or Asian residents -- just as would be true for some districts in Japan or other Asian nations (or Middle East countries, etc).

But any where on Hawaii is such diversity - and not human race (geographically / social mores/attitudes / family and religious patters and practices, cultures) - - Hawaii is the most ethnically diverse place in the US (people from parts of Canada, UK (London), Australia, Brazil etc are even more cosmopolitan - but much of the US (and not only in AMERIKA are there very provincial cities/towns/rural communities).

So in Hawaii (all the islands) you can find hot guys from all ethnic origins and even better -- hapa -- a mixed race (half) guy can be SOoooo! hot -- like Tiger Woods but with so many variations -- some with more Asian or Hispanic or White or Black or Pacific Islander (Hawaiian, Samoan, etc)..

Hey.. having lived in Asia (plus North Am and Europe) and now having travelled to most continents, I find that appreciating the beauty of all types of men is very stimulating and the mixed races (the fastest growing ethnic category) on our planet and in the US - are some of the best physical specimens.
 When they are raised proud and confident of their multi-racial and multi-cultural origins (as can happen in Hawaii) then it's the best possible result and the sexiest too.
Portuguese / Chinese-Japanese / Hawaiian can be unbelievably sexy - -especially when the guy in totally cool with himself and his male sexuality.

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PeterFever: ITB App - Working off the Cock

PeterFever: ITB App - Working off the Cock

Fuck I hate dealing with dumb customers every day. I needed to relieve some stress. I checked to see if there were any sexy guys on the ITB app I could hook up with to get my mind off the stupidity. Lucas showed up and he was gorgeous in person, I couldn't stop looking at his dreamy eyes or fine hair. I told him about my terrible day and then I shoved my cock in that sweet mouth of his.

Watch Lucas Knight and Jessie Lee kick-off the premiere of the Novella Series S3 E1 with "ITB App - Working off the Cock."

PeterFever: ITB App - Working off the Cock
Full video at


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The fundoshi - the traditional Japanese undergarment

I am not really into fundoshi (wearing them myself-- freeballer here), but I certainly enjoy seeing other men wear them. It's the traditional garment (actually undergarment) worn by most Edo era men under their kimono or yukata (before arrival of Perry's black ships circa 1857). For nearly a century, it was still used as underwear and the bathing suit for men, but it's popularity as an everyday article of clothing declined after the American Occupation introduced Western-style underwear for men. 

It's now become garment of choice for many 'masturi' - Japanese traditional festivals - many of which celebrate the coming of age of young men and involve some type of virility or fertility ritual or ceremonial tasks. A variation of it, the 'mawashi' is still worn today by sumo wrestlers. 

In 'matsuri', groups of men (old and young) don the fundoshi (with or without happi coat) and parade the streets and shrine grounds carrying the heavy wooden floats (actually portable shrines, 'mikoshi'), heaving it up and forward with their loud chants and boisterous energy. Quite often when ONLY the fundoshi is worn - with nothing else - the festival is frequently referred to as a 'hadaka matsuri' or naked festival. 

It's true that some department stores in Japan got the idea to 'rename' the fundoshi and market it as 'samurai pants' or something like that, but it's
still rather a special item that most men wouldn't own. For example, how popular is the thong for underwear or a bathing suit? Still there are a few men who wear kimono on a daily basis (instead of Western suits or pants) so I'm sure that you can find fundoshi at department stores and speciality stores. Even if not don one publically, some men might like the masculine image of the fundoshi and may be wearing them under
their western attire - sort of like men who like to wear a jockstrap instead of boxers or briefs. A lot of men at the age of 20 (for both men and women) celebrate Coming of Age Day (2nd Monday in January) and some of them wear traditional kimono (and may be wearing a fundoshi underneath (although I have my doubts). Summer festivals and firework display bring out hordes of people, particularly young men and women, in the traditional lighter cotton print 'yukata' (cheaper version of the often outrageously expensive kimono). I bet a few men wear a fundoshi (or like I do - nothing) underneath. 

Some of my Net pics on Japanese male bonding, including many with men in fundoshi:

Mr. Wada is photographer who specializes in Japanese festivals and seems to capture men in fundoshi at literally hundreds of festivals.

An online store's ad for fundoshi:

A blog by Japanese guy interested in naked and semi-naked men:

(He has several categories, included the one for matsuri and fundoshi above)

YouTube vid on how to put on (tie) a fundoshi: (in Japanese - for modesty's sake, the model is already wearing a fundoshi as the instructor demonstrates how to put on (over the existing one).

So you can imagine what it's like being where a lot of men are getting dressed in fundoshi. He explains in Japanese that most people can't get a fundoshi tied by themselves (you need a third or fourth arm). So you can see why I think male bonding is one of the functions of Japanese festivals - you have to get naked and up closer and personal with another guy and then groups of men in order to wear a fundoshi and participate. 

Well, I was wrong about one thing - YOU can put on a fundoshi by yourself. The same instructor completes his training of the younger fundoshi wearer - and put him to the test. A follow-up section of the earlier video (see my last posting for the URL).

This time he starts out without anything on underneath.

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Gay sex and ethnicity - Part 2

I find the sexual preference for certain races and how gay/bi/str8 men interact sexually across races or before their races/ethnic or mixed origins to be both fascinating and perplexing. 

Having lived for many years in Japan - as both a straight married father and, at the same time, often moonlighting
there and elsewhere in the world as a single gay male MUP (middle-aged urban professional), I have encountered all races and ethnicities of males (and all people) - socially and sexually.

I've also experienced being an absolute racial minority - such as in Japan or Cambodia or Thailand - where whites make up far less than a tiny fraction of a percent of the general population. Of course, tourists are a bit different story.
But I was also, of course, in the once mostly-white racial majority of the US -- growing up in the South -- Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

I love men of all races. What I mean is that I am attracted to them. But to be honest, that attraction is on a case by case, personal level.  Isn't that the real test of the all personal attraction? I can be categorical in defining my likes or preferences, but it does not always bear out in actually meeting a specific person.

So why even talk about people (men) as racial entities? I don't have answer - just at least I've thought about it some and still think it's worth reflecting on - because it's kind of key to comprehending the human condition and your own part in shaping its continuing evolution. 

Think of cetaceans - many people should know what they are but it's a word rarely used in daily conversation and is probably unknown by many when used out of context. We don't ever say - the Chinese, long-nosed saltwater porpoise - we just call them either -whales or dolphins (one single group more specific but not as discriminating as the racial names we give ethnic groups - kind of like grouping all 'humans' into three big categories (African, Asian and European) or Easterners and Westerners -- what about the billions that are somewhere outside those too broad divisions. 

You can sometimes hear people say (to their friends who know them very well) -- "Oh I met this guy who was
really hot..."

But in our more formal, public discourse with strangers or just work colleagues, family members etc. "Oh I met this Japanese guy who was ..." or "Oh I met this black dude who was like so..." Each of these utterances shows different levels of 'ethnistic' attitudes (I don't call it really racism because there isn't much evidence that the person speaking is a racist or even prejudiced or discriminatory (in a bad sense) - they are just discriminating or differentiating for the sake of the listener and what they 'think' will communicate more effectively or clearly to the person that are talking to. 

Our social register determines somewhat what 'attitudes' we conceal or reveal. The problem with today's online and telecommunication media-based communication environment is that we often don't have a clue what social register to use in such a publicly open style. Sorry if I'm lecturing - you don't have to read this and probably won't even make it this far -- unless you are interested.

If we're talking about comparing physical attractiveness of one ethnic/racial group over another -- it's really a personal preference but so shaped by our own common social values that we really actually don't have much choice in the matter. 

That being said, I've come to admire and be physically and pyscho-sexually stimulated not only by all kinds of men because of their ethnicity - not just their skin color or physical traits (features, endowments). Each ethnic group has behavioral (body language, facial expressions, fashion, the way the move and use their bodies/limbs) and rather unique (to that group) social responses in how they move, react, interact that are quite different and also just as appealing -- not exactly in a sexual way. Some might say that's this is fetishism carried to an extreme. 

It's like appreciating the hundreds of kinds of gourmet cheeses or great
wines from all over the globe.. some people eat to them live or just enjoy, others live to enjoy them. I think you can savor the male 'essenses' in various forms - including across racial/ ethnic / blended human gene pools- or you can just gobble down dick like a horse (or pig) without carrying who's on the other end -- racially. 

Myself, I find racially-ethnically mixed guys to be the sexiest. That admittedly is a personal preference -- partly because I no longer have to bridge the racial gap (at least from my point-of-view).  I can see racially mixed men as just really cute guys or gorgeous men in NO relation to any racial/physical ideal or category. 

Having raised two biracial, bilingual and bicultural children with their Japanese mother and me as their father - British and Irish white male with some Cherokee and bit of French trapper, I am well aware of the inter-racial mixtures of such movie stars (and other media/ sports/entertainment) as Keanu, Cain and Angelina Jolie, and other racial mixes such as Halle Berry or Tiger Woods, etc and actually there are many others. It's a growing world phenomenon and also interesting to see how these people can sometimes be either not identified with a racial group (Angelina Jolie) or sometimes are (Halle Berry) or beyond any categorization (making up his own - Tiger Woods as Caublasian - I think I got that right). 

I have said it before (here on JUB) and elsewhere - this is one of the most amazing benefits about living in a place like Hawaii; and there are many and a growing number of places where the ethnicities/races/cultures/subcultures can mix freely and also retain their cultural identity -- at the same time as being part of a humanity-respecting society of diversity (and cetacean-respecting environment too).

Hey.. I sound just like I'm a new-age religious missionary... what the hell... Oh well, I'll go on.. 

Unfortunately, racism still continues to exist! Our so-called enlightened societies have been taking conscious efforts to reduce its negative effects - I can't judge yet if it's been entirely successfully - the clash of civilizations (which is partly racial/ethnic/intercultural has just gone re-started (partly thanks to the GW Bush kind of mentality and mis-leadership. But there are also equally threatening social evils (?) that haven't been clearly recognized as being problems - ethnism (prejudice or discrimination against culture groups or subgroups linked to racial or ethnic identity). 

It sort of what was talked about earlier about why some ethnic cultures view white Americans as the top of the heap - it's a form of 'ethnist' thinking that non-whites accept or even adopt without thinking .. 

Raising the human consciousness is a never ending climb up the psycho-evolutionary ladder - - well, at least until cloning and robot intelligence achieve post-scientific levels. I call it x-sci-fi jidai era ('Japanese term' that George Lucas loosely borrowed to name his Jedai knights and 'bushido'-like culture of the Force). 

I'm sure I've lost a few people by now because the length of this post alone ... LOL... but I am just talking about the inevitable evolution of human nature and human form and human sexuality .... 

In a few years (100 or 200 years from now) there won't be that many racially identifiable individuals anyway... 
More will be pan-racial in origin and multi-ethnic, multi-cultural by then.. so how long shall we keep discussing this??? 

It's very likely too there won't be any more artificial distinctions between straight, gay or bisexual preferences. We won't have much to talk about then, will we?

Absolute and true paradise is as boring as hell.

Duh .. whatdafu** .... I' ll stop here.

PeterFever: Morning Run

PeterFever: Morning Run

I start each morning with a run. It gets my blood pumping and I'm energized. Today I got a little surprise; during my run I got a call from Josh, a guy I was fooling around with recently. He wanted to meet up and I got excited and couldn't wait.

I had to get home quickly to get ready. I was sweating and my heart was racing. I could only think about what Josh was going to do with my ass when we met up. Luckily there was enough time for me to have some morning fun.

Cum and watch Peter Le get ready for Josh in this week's episode "Morning Run".
PeterFever: Morning Run
Full video at

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