Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Good time at Osaka's Largest Gay Baths

 Tai kun
I visited Osaka this weekend, and went to Hokuokan (the huge gay baths and inn there) for the first time. It was hopping with all types of men...Asian men, grandpops, and twinks made up 98%. I fit in somewhere. I think it makes me a whole lot more exhibitionist in many ways because of the fact that I am a member of an extreme racial/ethnic minority in Japan. You might think the opposite might be true, and in some ways, it is like being a 'fly on the wall' - as an outsider to the surrounding culture that can be so quickly identified as such. But it's also stimulating (although it can be exhausting at times) to be the object of everyone's interest (apparently so -- though obviously not true). I get glances all the time wherever I am.

But in a gay bath house, those glances are ones that might be admiring or at least curious. At my age, I don't pass up a chance to show off in the light of such visual scrutiny. So I often get a hard on just walking around. It helps too that there are also a hot men and young men that have well-developed muscles on a wiry, athletic frame. Not be far can you say that Asian men are not well-endowed. Size is only relative. In comparison with the overall size of their bodies, some Japanese men are hugely endowed. Not being a size queen does help.

The night was pretty good -- Saturday seemed to have been best to arrive before 9pm. There were plenty of hot young dudes (20s & 30s) who were getting dressed, and leaving, but then another wave arrived later on in the evening.

I got to plug a few asses, and watch plenty getting sucked and fucked. The top role is one I often seem obliged to take in such an orgy-like environment. I am not hugely endowed, but often more than equal to and many times quite a mouthful for some dude who later wants his butt opened and his prostate massaged by a blunt object: my cock. It was hot when one other non-Asian young guy sucked my cock while a small Japanese dude rode the white guy's big ass.

He would probably have liked me to plow his white meaty buns.. but I had other fish to fry that night. Hokuoukan (北欧館)is 8 floors of lockers, baths, saunas, group 'mixed' rooms with TV, porno video, and dark corners, where sex is going on. The top floors are private rooms where you can stay all night - so you might consider it as an alternative to a more expensive hotel - if you ever had reason to visit Osaka.

I also like the 'chase' - seeing a cute guy who seems interested but who can't seem to break down and give in to my advances. Of course, it's not always successful - but when a young Japanese guy gives me the look-over, I try to see if he'll want to do more than look. Obviously, the men who are my age or older, chase me too, often trying to put the make on my booty or my baby-maker (I fathered two children, remember), but at times they can be too clawing and undaunted in trying to obtain their goal: get my cock in their ass or mouth. I push them away - unless - I'm in a really horny or desperate.
feeling up in sauna

Last night, there was one really cute slim hottie - probably in his early 20s - that had me 'chasing' him up and down the 8 stories, but he always managed to get back to the TV room - with his towel slightly spread -- a real tease, so nothing came of it because I wanted to leave by midnight. You pay an entrance fee ($22), but you have to pay an extra 600 yen ($6 US) if you depart after midnight - although that allows you to stay the rest of the night. There are plenty of places to sleep - but sometimes, it is 'hard' to sleep because some cute guy or, more likely, some older codger will keep trying to pull open your cotton robe or slip off the blanket to get a taste of your exotic 'foreign' meat. Pretending to sleep in order to attract 'suitor-suckers' is also fun at times, and there are sometimes a lot of Japanese men who only prefer to have sex with men that way: being seduced while 'asleep.'
suck at soda machine

It would have been hot to go out on the streets since Osaka is full of bars, pubs, and night clubs because there were tons and tons of cute twinks flooding the streets. But they hardly gave a middle-aged foreigner a second look, when I had headed to Umeda Station, walking from my hotel.... (oh well...). At least in the baths, everyone's there to get off basically so you don't have to 'play games' unless you're particularly picky.
double timed

It was a nice time in Osaka. It's a fun city with a lot to do and see, and a vibe that is very different from Tokyo. I'm sure I'll find another excuse to come again (literally) soon.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Where can you post naked photos of yourself?

[One of my new gay (online) friends asked me where he can post nude photos of himself so that only I and his other gay friends can view them. Here is my lengthy reply. ]

One thing you may not know is that: IT ONLY MATTERS WHERE YOUR 
NUDE PICS ARE HOSTED. Japan does not block outside sites (at least most ISP companies in Japan do not). Your blog is hosted on Blogger so the photos were not kept in Japan but were stored on Google's own web servers in the U.S.

It is not a crime to post naked photos of yourself that do violate international legal standards when the photos are not physically stored on Japanese host web servers.

Privacy versus SITE Privacy

Your 'Out There' blog was not private at all; however, it was also not really possible to find it without seeing the URL in some profile of yours.
Blogger does not password protect blogs but you can make them for 'members only'.

However, you can make it completely private and only allow specific people to view it by sending them an invitation by email.

There may be other blog sites such as LiveJournal, Wordpress and Typepad (or others) where you can set up a password protection for members only.

There are plenty of gay sites where a viewer would first have to become a

member (usually free) before he can actually see your profile or any pics on it. I have shown some examples of such sites below: such as Dudesnude or Manjam or GayWatch or EMAIL: One thing that I do is to have completely SEPARATE email accounts for my married, straight father / professor self, and another completely set of email accounts for my 'gay' self.

I think you're mixing up the two of them - which is perfectly for today's young people. We, who are older and part of an established institution, would not be so happy to have our 'gay' identities shown to everyone.

So I suggest you to make a 'gay/bisexual-only' email account and to use it solely when sending email and logging on to gay sites.

Also, there is a benefit of using email which is already part of a securely encrypted mail server: NOTE* the URL for a site: https://
Google email uses such a system. The 'extra' s after  the http indicates that a site is securely encrypted.

My Blogger blogs (Google):

I can also make you a contributor (member) of one of my blogs so that you can upload photos or write message/texts.

It will probably be best if you used a different email address that the one you 

are using for your work, family, and 'straight' friends.

Tell me what email address is. It's probably not good to use the one we are communicating with now but it displays your full name. 

0) Of course, you can post naked photos of yourself on, but (as far as I can see) 'free' members cannot limit who can actually view them. Click the link to see my profile on JUB:



In fact, most members (free or paid) may not know that they can have a blog, a profile, and a gallery of up to about 200 photos (at least - it may be larger now),  belong to or create groups. Click the JUB link above to see my profile, blog and gallery. 

1) There are quite a few places where you can upload nude photos.

Probably the best place is Flickr

It is easy to use and you can set the privacy for your photos - at four different levels for EACH photo: public (anyone can see), friends only, family one, friends and family, and completely private.

You have to create a Yahoo account. Formerly, you could only upload  200

photos,  but I believe that restriction has now been lifted. You designate in Flickr WHO can view each (or a batch) of photos.  So you can naked photos of yourself and allow only friends or family (meaning a close set of acquaintances).   That's a lot of naked pics. 

I can send you an invitation to see some of my naked photos on Flickr: It will come from one of my several Yahoo accounts: hardtwoholed

Here is my Flickr account:
YOU CANNOT see much of anything until you sign up for Flickr (and Yahoo), and also change your SETTINGS so that you can look at sexual content.

Here is another Flickr account:

(There are no naked ones of me in there that are currently visible UNLESS

you are my friend in Flickr. ) So the account is considered 'safe' by Flickr (owned by Yahoo). If your post a nude photo of yourself publicly, then Flickr will warn you and also will make your account labeled as 'unsafe.' Unsafe accounts cannot be viewed by just anyone - so that also helps protect your identity.

Actually, I have at least 5 Flickr accounts since you used to be able to only save 200 photos (at least it was that was for a long, long time). Nowadays, there is unlimited photo storage for free on any Flickr account, so you no longer need to have multiple Flickr account. Nevertheless, I am still keeping my several Flickr accounts as backup for my nude, and try to let each persona 'specialize' in certain type of porn and nude male pictures. 

2) Goggle also has a similar site: Picasa (Google

Photos) for saving and sharing photos.
The photos you uploaded into your 'Out here' blog were uploaded also into a folder in the same Blogger account - but since you may have deleted it completely they might not be there anymore.

You can make each folder public or private. You can send invitations to people (like me) who will be able to view you private pics (but no one else can).

3). One site I enjoy is

It's not for just gay people - but there are all kinds of people from countries all over - but there are also a lot of men who are gay. In Tribe, you can create your own profile and add photos, a blog, and other stuff (pretty simple); you can

also join (or create) your own tribe group - where members can share photos and have discussions privately. Only people you admit as 'friends' will be able to see your private photos (or the photos in a private group). There are many tribes that are related to sexual interests but NOT only those kind.   Here is one tribe that started on publicly

I can also send you an invitation to join (after I know what email address of yours I should use to invite you.)

Tribe are private and only join them and see their content by invitation from a current member. 

You can see my profile here (but you can cannot see my own 'private' naked photos - until I make you my 'friend' on Tribe.

4) Inside some sites, you can upload some private photos and then only your 'friends' can view them.

There are both gay and non-sexual sites .. such as

A. - You can created a multipage personal magazine by piecing together various sites such as, Flickr, Blogger, Tumblr and Twitter. 

B.   I mention them later, but there are some blog sites where you can post nude photos of yourself:


          and Google Blogger (as discussed earlier).

C. Facebook changed it's privacy policy about nude photos, etc, a few years ago.   Now, it's possible to upload photos that can only be seen by the specific people you allow. However, at this point, I do not trust Facebook to keep its word about this policy.

So far, I have not uploaded any naked photos of myself in Facebook.

But I really enjoy using it to stay in touch.

(of course, I also have another Facebook account for my 'real self' - the married college professor father)

Here is a Facebook page for Guys Into CMNM (clothed male naked male):

    You can only see if you are currently logged in to Facebook.  
If you post in Tumblr (or another site), then you can cross-post nude photos
in Facebook Page (such as Guys Into CMNM) without being reprimanded or banned on Facebook. However, the photos must be pictures of guys with soft (not erect) cocks. 

D. There are  a few other gay sites and also quite a few iPhone applications where you can create a profile and have public and private pictures.

You can see all my PUBLIC photos but not the ones I have made 'private.' There is a password that is needed in order to view

those. There is a limit (about 25 I think) to the total number of photos you can upload on your DN (dudesnude) profile.You can choose whether or not to allow this profile to be published or not, and which photos will be private or public. There are ten of thousands of members of from all over the world. So it's popular with the gay population.

E. Various sites where you can post your own nudes or other gay men naked.

Celly is a website and also an iPhone app where you can create a simple profile and then have a discussion with a group of guys who can share links and post naked photos.

Manjam, and NakedMates are other similar sites:

(You can't see all the photos until you log in).

F. Here are few more sites where you can post nudes of yourself:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Men’s Naturist Clubs: Is it an idea whosea time has come?

Do you participate in any organized nudist or naturist clubs or nude men's groups events in your area/city?

Hello Jguys / US guys and of course Worldguys,

This site is evidently shutting down or greatly changing in a short time. I thought it necessary to try to connect off-line with some of the members who may be interested in a gay men's social club, especially one where social events involving nudity can occur.

So I am trying to start a regular international social club for nudist and naturist men (gay, straight, bi and curious) living or traveling in the Tokyo area. First of all, one may already (in Japanese - exclusively for Japanese men) but that won't help those who enjoy relating with other internationally minded guys, or who can't speak Japanese (such as newcomers and visitors).

Still, if you know how to contact any such group in Tokyo (or nearby), please let me know.
If you are interested in participating by attending, volunteering, and sponsoring or hosting an event for the new men's nudist social club, then please contact me here or on one of the following: My Twitter account is the same name and I'm also on, Adam4Adam, Dudesnude, JguysUSguys, and HangoutNude (other ids are: sunbuns99 or seefallus or hardtwoholed (Yahoo!)

My contact is: sunbunz on Google mail for direct email messages.


 We would make daytrips to hot springs resorts and take evening visits to Tokyo city spas, hold pot luck dinners, and game or movie nights, and from time to time hold

outdoors picnics and excursions to the few limited nude beaches or other naturist areas nearby.

Visitors from out of town could also be welcome to attend as guests through an invitation of current members. Fees for spa or bath entrances, transport, and food, drinks, etc are to born by each individual.
There are no fees to participate or to join the club. Sexual behavior is NOT the norm. It is NOT a sex club, but sex might be allowed as a 'special activity' for certain designated events or situations. It would up to the members to decide if or when sexual behavior would be allowed (or not) - the location and make-up of the participants would certainly determine what's likely to be decided.

Thanks in advance for answering and for possibly joining our soon-to-be-formed social club (its name is not decided).
Dare to stay bare for those who care...
Kelly (sunbuns), Tokyo, Japan
Anyone else?

I've yet to put up any such announcement on GNJ. You're welcome to advertise it -- as appropriate and give me as a contact. 
Somehow it seemed more urgent to do it here since (as you noted), we never know who and how many of this site's members will be returning to the new one.

Anyone else who is interested in knowing ore or in possibly joining our group can also reach me directly at:

sunbunz (at)

I was tentatively hoping to hold an initial meeting in October (Sunday, the 2nd of Oct.), but nothing is definite.
 I have a friend visiting from Kyushu who would love to get naked, too. So any meeting may turn out to be much later (or not at all). Still.. we can only try and see.

I think I've become more 'open' to doing something like this because of the repeal of DADT (the former rule / policy) in the US military.
I was never in the military but I certainly understood how the 'policy' made them feel. Much of life in Japan is still under an even more inhumane DADT policy - at least in my own existence. 
I believe now that more US servicemen stationed in Japan may be willing to participate, and particularly those who want to get off base and mix with the Japanese male community. 
Besides, we all know the appeal of men in uniform who take it all off. Whoa! (smile). 

Great to hear you're interested, Paul and Cail.
Well.. that's 3 people so far. I'm hoping more will speak up. 
Unfortunately, JguyUSguy will be shutting down before long (although it may return in reduced form). 

I also posted the notice on GNJ and Fridae (or will do so) - two other sites, but my Japanese is not good enough to find and then post the whole announcement on Japanese language sites where more locals are likely to see it. It might not go over well in the Japanese gay community for the simple fact that nudism is common - at least, as a 'hobby' or recreational activity. Obviously, onsen (hot springs) involve some different levels of nudity, and public baths used to be very very common (although that has changed greatly). 

I'm not only thinking about nudity. While I enjoy the outdoors very much (whether I am naked or not), but I also enjoy the arts and politics, good food and wine.

Maybe the idea of a International Gay Men's Social Club ... or a All-Male Chorus might work out better. 

Instead of simply being a very specific interest - nudism, maybe the purpose of the club should be larger: men's issues or a gay men's social club. In some US and other cities worldwide, there are gay men's groups that have some special function besides just 'meeting to meet', 
notably are the Men's Chorus groups in several major American and Canadian cities. There are also gay men's art, theatre, and sporting groups as well. 
Obviously, a social justice or environmental cause can attract gay men (as well as other subgroups in society), such as the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR groups) that spring up every year in June and October (North and South hemispheres). 

So if the purpose of the group were broadened, then there could be certain chapters for the location or type of activity, (such as naked outings or nude dinners), and even special interest groups (nudism, CMNM, wine tasting), or the various group could combine their activities for parties, fairs, visits to the theater, movies or art exhibits - where like-minded men (Japanese and all others) can mingle and get to know each other. 

Does this sound like pie in the sky? Do you think it could work and maybe there is no real need for such a men's club oriented for M4M.  
I realize most people have their own friends, lovers, sex buddies and LTR but I also know many do not, or cannot easily make other gay male friends. Some guys are sure they are even gay and need a place and some people to talk about it. 

I have noticed already that there seems to be a sudden swell in the number of US military men who are getting online (in Japan) and probably coming out more to the gay bars. Clearly, there should be alternatives to staying out drinking late at night for men (and not just gay men). 
This type of organization may be more possible today now than it was prior to Sept 21 - when 'don't ask, don't tell' ended for all US military personnel. 

Anyway.. thanks for getting in touch. 
Let me know what you think when you have a chance,

Anyone can contact me via email at sunbunz (@)

Being tangential (or at least distantly related) to the topic isn't a problem that you need apologize for, KF. 
I am not a stickler for decorum. It's the substance of the message that is most important, and I also appreciate your responses for exactly that reason: You take time to write something worth reading. 


I certainly agree that the casual or incidental nudity that is prevalent in Japan (more so in the past and in some regions) does satisfy the basic 'human urge' or instinct to be naked with one's fellow man (or woman - as the case may be). 

The ritual of bathing (for cleansing the body and soothing the spirit), and formerly doing so in a shared social experience ('public bath and onsen') have deeply affected the evolution of the Japanese psyche. It's worth studying in much more detail and breadth than I can do it justice here. 

However, I think there are much more profound and deeply cultural reasons why Japanese (and other Asian) countries don't practice nudism to the same extent that it seems to be awed and revered in the West. Religion (or deeply ingrained moral tenets or ethical practices - since Japan's 'religions' are actually difficult to categorize as such) plays a huge role. 

For the West, one absolutely has to remember how much nudity and, by association - sexuality are also reviled by the puritanical elements, the strongly socially conservative and morally 'righteous' Christian right (which still holds a strong influence on the American psyche (and politics - e.g. the Tea Baggers (Bachmann's Tea Party) - who view the human body (particularly a nude one) as the devil's temptation to sin and depravity. While few people would admit to agreeing with that outright, that basic underlying sentiment pervades a lot of North American societal consciousness and certainly affected for a very long time the prohibition on sex, nudity, and particularly homosexuality in American society.
 It is similar but to less pervasive extent in European civilization too, owing to the massive influence of the Catholic Church. 

So... I'm way off topic... (or not)... 

Just answer question (on topic):

Would you ever participate in a gay men's social club activities off-line?

(Explain why or why not?)

I'm trying to gauge whether it is worth the effort to attempt to organize one. (Or as I might suspect, are people (gay men) already 'organized / disorganized' in their own private social networks, and incapable reaching out to take a more public stance or put on a public face. 

(Perhaps I've already answered my own question... but I'd still love to hear what you (and others) have to say about this idea.)
Kelly (sunbuns)

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