Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Japanese urban flasher legend: matuatama - the early days

I had the great pleasure recently of seeing the real ’matuatama’ in person at a gay bath house in Japan. He is really a good-looking man and put on quite a show for all the guys at the baths - although I don't think he strayed very far from the showers/sauna/bath area - to my disappointment.

But now I'm actually wondering if actually he is the same person who uploads the 'matuatama' vids (on Xtube and Ning).

I'm not just saying that as 'sour grapes' -- I realize I'm definitely NOT his type and there were tons of guys there who would appeal to him more. But when I walked up to him and mentioned to him that I was a 'Matsu-atama' fan of his on Xtube - I got nothing more than a grunt. (I have almost native-like fluency in colloquial Japanese). His only reaction was a grunt -- a non-verbal noise. So he might have been just getting rid of a 'noisy or pesty' foreigner (me) or perhaps he is actually deaf ( and unable to speak).

But I realized later that he might know nothing of Xtube or Ning - because he is not the one uploading his stuff here. Maybe someone ( an imposter) may be posing as him on Xtube (and elsewhere) because I had the strong impression he does not speak (or write) a word of English.
Please prove me wrong, Mr. Matuatama-san.

I notice that 'matuatama' joins certain groups or sites but never really has any interaction. Perhaps he's just shy .... or maybe this person could be an imposter. It would not surprise me and actually I'm NOT complaining -- thanks to the real guy (or his imposter) we could all actually enjoy the antics of this truly great exhibitionist/flasher. ほんとに偽造の松頭じゃないだたら、何か返事をして下さい。

 Find more videos like this on AHRRRRR'S IT WAS ON YOU TUBE

I've found 'matuatama' too on several other sites but just this week I've started to realize there may be someone who is posing as this 'real' flasher / male-to-male exhibitionist. The guy is real -- no doubt of that - but the person posting or creating profiles around the Internet (such as Xtube) is very likely NOT him. Here 's why I think so (I hope he comes forth and proves me very wrong).

The guy who we see in these videos is also doing commercially sold gay porn in Japan. Obviously, he may have a private life that includes flashing in public, cruising public toilets, or visits to a gay bath house. However, I doubt he'd be working as a salary-man in a typical Japanese company as his day job - as the 'matuatama' seems to claim. Nothing is impossible - esp where Japan is concerned... but...... I have some real doubts.

If this is the real deal - then it is a totally amazing phenomenon.

I had an actual experience seeing the 'real' dude real life (at a gay sauna recently). If he's the real guy he'll be able to confirm where/when this was.
Here's the scoop... (which I posted elsewhere - where the supposed 'matuatama' is an active member (as far as I can tell he's not yet posting on DickFlash).


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