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Watching some CMNM interaction among Japanese male playing soccer frisbee

UPDATED ENTRY with added real photos: What a blast! I returned the same place as I had described a couple of days ago, and sure enough, the same frisbee soccer team was there practicing as they had been doing on Sunday afternoon. The difference was - both the male and female teams were both there on the practice field - although they were not really practicing together, they nevertheless were sharing the same field. It did seem to put a bit of a damper on the demonstrative male posturing that I had seen the other day, and there was not as much occasion for CMNM, but it was great to get to see those same guys again and THIS I had my camera. The first few shots are of the two main characters I had described below in the body for main post: 1) the alpha male (the practice leader), 2) young cute dude who was taunted and teased in an amiable way when he got nude (while stripping out of his sweats clothes), and a few more team members (only one of whom did I catch with his butt exposed). The alpha dude was wearing tights under his mesh athletic shorts (evidently he was more 'modest' since the women's team was around. Also, the guys didn't spend time leisurely getting undressed out of their sweaty practice clothes and there was much clowning around. I guess maybe is was a 'real' work day practice instead of the very casual weekend frolic like I ha d seen just two days earlier. 


Yesterday (Aug 31) we had a beautifully sunny summer afternoon. It was very warm - as
is usual for late summer in Tokyo, but not too humid. The sky was an uncharacteristic azure blue that was lavished piled high with billowy frothy puffs of white clouds - the remnants of the week's thunderstorms.
So I decided that - since these kinds of days are sometimes a rarity, especially recently due to number of hurricanes this season (typhoons as they are called), it would be a great idea to go cycling along the river. I'm still partly on summer vacation - at least work has not started yet. So I wanted to spend a little time in the sunshine (and get naked if I could find a spot).
See caption below
'These photos were NOT taken yesterday, but it does accurately show the location and what the frisbee dudes might have looked like if I had gotten this close with a camera. The last one represents the kind of 'antics' - clowning around that was going on when one of the group was getting undressed/dressed - in particular, one of the cutest one was getting a whole lot of attention from some of the others guys).

So I headed out wearing as little as possible (bare chest, sandals, and a very thin pair of

linen (almost mesh)short pants, which are very transparent when the sun shines through them. Well. to make a long story short, I got the river bank and floor zone bordering it and noticed a group of college age guys practicing frisbee. It was evidently a regular club that (hopefully) meets here every Sunday to polish their skills for frisbee golf tournaments and exhibitions. One of the guys was wearing see-through athlete shorts that were more transparent than mine and you could see the outline of his smooth, muscular buttocks every time he bent over or jumped to catch the disk.

I was spellbound and regret not have a camera - they were too far away for a cellphone camera to show much. Finally, when they finished up ractice, they started gathering to one corner of the field.

 Each one of the guys seemed to take his time getting out of his sweaty practice clothes, but they seemed to have timed their own 'strip' so that each one was the only one doing so at the time -- it was an amazing nude choreography too. Each was hold a small towel in front of this genital area, then he would use the other hand to slowly lower his shorts and in some case his lycra athletic tights or underwear, until he was completely nude -- there in broad daylight.

 The others seemed to caste glances or would otherwise cajole the naked one - or try to distract him from performing his 'laborious' task. One-handedly, he would find get all his clothes off, and then he would grab his boxers shorts or underpants, and step one foot at a time into them, and begin the slow process of pulling them up with one hand. The other hand was securing clasping his hidden cock and balls.

One of the cutest and also most enthusiastic players during practice was taking a very long time to get undressed. When he was finally naked and holding his towel coyly in front of his loins to cover his junk, several of the other guys started to joke around with him, engaging him with banter and wise-cracks, almost it seems in order to keep him naked as long as they could. He appeared to really be enjoying the extra attention and played right along for what I thought was a very long time. 

Admittedly, they were not doing so for my benefit since I was completely away from
them on the far side of the field. But it was about 4:30pm and there were dozens of passers-by, cyclers, and families out for a Sunday afternoon stroll.... Most everyone (except me) was oblivious and probably rightly so. While blatant nudity and -- god forbid - even pubic hair is a no-no for publication in any broadcast or print media, casual nudity that is expected or necessary don't really send up alarms signals - as it might do so, if some guys has been stripping nude to get changed on a typical sport field in North America. Maybe people here don't notice, of maybe they just mind their own business or maybe they just see it (if at all) as a matter of necessity - since there are not public restrooms or changing rooms in the miles and miles of this public recreational area. How weird is that, duh?

Well.. I was fascinated as a I said even more. I watched 

and stared. My staring drew more attention from other pedestrians I noticed - instead of the fact that some cute college age guys were getting naked across the field . I wanted to see one of the last guys get undressed. He was the one who wasn't wearing much from the start - just those thin mesh shorts which I had spend 20 minutes drooling over earlier. 
He was actually the best frisbee thrower among them, and with his constant chatter and cajoling as the practice went along, I could also tell he was the 'alpha' male - the leader of the group or at least the most demonstrative and athletic. So its little wonder if did not mind showing off his ass (assets) *LOL* because he had no reason to be self-conscious about showing his sports talents and seemingly none about showing his physical prowess (and maybe his dominant male sexuality either - or so it was revealed later).

 When that cute one -- he was a bit shorter with a shorter haircut - maybe he's a new member in the group - was completely naked, the 'cool' one with the mesh shorts came over and just would not leave the cute one's butt alone. He tried smacking it, and hitting him his own small hand towel - undoubtedly soaked with sweat. Then - when they did not torment the cute one enough, he pulled that towel through the younger one's legs and tried pulling it up to give the cute boy a wedgie. The other guys took notice and joined in laughing. 

Some made grab-ass gestures of their own. I began to perceive that this had probably happened before in this group and may be it happened often to this cute guy- for the very reason that males use nudity among themselves (in a group often) as a form of affection or communication. It was also happened to this kid because he was good-looking, good-natured about the rough-house way he was 'affectionately' treated, and he had a nice really bubble butt that might be making some of his teammates horny - or at least it appeared that they couldn't seem to keep their hands off it. 

Eventually, he was able to fight off his suitors --it was all in good-natured fun - as 'buddies' I'm sure they all accept each other and would not abuse one of their own- 
although perhaps not so true when they are outside the social boundaries the group or not in so public a place as they were now. However, it makes me wonder what goes on when there are two of them alone or sleeping over.
He was the only one who had a vehicle evidently - although a couple of the guys had bicycles - once  underlining his status as the resident 'alpha' male. Most of them started leaving the flood zone that borders the Tama River, and serves as recreation area and provides grounds for various sports. They headed off toward the station - about a kilometer away. I noticed that the cute younger one had put on his khaki pants and a green t-shirt. They soon disappeared over the embankment, so I gathered up my stuff as started to head back toward where I live - also in that same general direction.

In the bike ride back, I'd forgotten about them with a few minutes and was planning whether I would go directly back home or not. When I got to the train station, I decided to park and ride to Shinjuku. I had to hold my bag in front of me, so as to make it harder for people oo see through my see-thru clothes. I guess you'd have to say I'm not really into flashing. (But that's another topic). I was pleasantly surprised to see a single guy with a green t-shirt waiting in front of the steps to the train station (the entrance goes underground to the wickets and then once through, you climb back up stairs inside station to the platforms - one on either side for the tracks, which are at ground level in this part of the rail line. I was glad. I would finally get a good look at the face that was the other end of a really beautiful male behind. By the way, it's really not that odd to see Japanese mens' butts -- there are actually many chances and for some reason that I won't try to explain now... the butt is not considered a private or sexual part of the human anatomy is say .. the genitals and by association the pubic hair are considered.

There is little wonder then that ass photos can be easily be seen in lots of places -- in fact, I happy to say it can be very stimulating for someone (like me) who has a strong fixation on the male arse (butt / buttocks) -- like the ones I have collected and displayed on this blog - here in this posting and many others.
I noticed that he seemed to be waiting and therefore turned one way and then another, in doing so he caught a glimpse of me approaching. After looking away, he turned back in my direction again and took a better look. I almost said something to him -- like "Hey, your face looks even better than your butt, dude. " But he would probably not make the connection --and consider me some pervert freak. 
Instead, I just smiled and glanced back as I descended the stairs. He was watching me - Yes! I don't know if it was my clothes that had caught his attention. Or it may have been the fact that I looked at him and smiled - actually, that is a rare kind of social 
behavior in this country. 
People normally have a very closed and impersonal demeanor in public and particularly where interacting with complete strangers is concerned. Then again, it crossed my mind -- that he 'knew' what I was probably thinking about him too --the memories of his fantastic ass and the way he had genuinely seemed to enjoy showing it off in public and especially to his teammates in the frisbee club. Perhaps, he had seen me watching him and his buddies. My 'staring' could have a topic or conversation - or perhaps, he'd only done his long strip and butt-antics just to tease the old pervert whom they had all noticed. It was possibly something that happened often during their team practices. And maybe it will again.

As I bought a train ticket, I peered up and could still see him waiting. He kept glancing down in my direction - although he was obviously waiting for someone (one of his teammates was probably picking up something at the grocery or at the ATM across the street). I kept wondering why. I was hoping he'd
descend the stairs and get on the same train and in same car (well. I'd make sure of that), then I'd have fun. I would 'flirt' with him from a distance and try to get him to look at my own form of flashing - another kind of kinky communication that may not be so unlike the mating dance of the male frisbee warriors I had just witnessed a little while earlier.

The photos after the first four are only representative and illustrate the type of behavior (male bonding / posturing and clowning around) that uses nakedness (a bit different connotation than the world 'nudity') that I am describing and observing in groups of males, in particular Japanese men. 

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Advice on Making Your (Porn) Blog Work

QUESTION:  tall whiteboy wrote:
Thanks for posting a link to my blog on your blog A Father's Pride and Joy. That one link has led
about 200 visitors to my site over the past month. Feel free to repost more as long as you're linking back to me! I could use the traffic.

Do you have any advice on how to get more people to visit my blog? I'm trying everything I can think of to promote my site, but I haven't had much growth lately. Also, Facebook was one of my best marketing tools, but they deleted my account for linking to "obscene" material. Any advice you can give on what has worked for you would be appreciated by this new blogger!

Thanks and keep up the great work,

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Clothing that invites CMNM situations

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Clothing that invites CMNM situations Some types of clothing and certain social situations seem to invite CMNM (clothed male / naked male) and probably just as often CFNM (clothed female / naked male) behavior. It's not too surprising that one of those types of clothing is the kilt. Still, there are several other kinds of male attire that sometimes offer the opportunity for spontaneous partially nudity, at time under the guise of freeballiing, such include boardshorts, ethnic or traditional clothing (the 'kilt' is a Western invention for covering male anatomy), but there are other forms of masculine clothes from Asian, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania that perform similar functions and which offer similar glimpses.
Here are some recent photos from social events where guys were wearing kilts. 

It always seems that whenever some guy is wearing a kilt -- whether formal or informal, he seems to get a lot of attention directed toward what's under the kilt. By the way, it appears that his male buddies are just as fascinated by what he's wearing and what he's not as his women friends are.

Cross-cultural Perspective on Freeballing

I wonder how many other national costumes or traditional clothes allow for freeballing? I've spent a lot of time in Japan and a few other countries where the national costume -- kimono or yukata (light summer informal kimono with fundoshi (loin cloth)) (at least it remains one of the traditional ways that some people dress --especially for festivals or typical Japanese cultural events) does make freeballing sort of accepted. As I said in an earlier post (Scottish singer in a kilt), I wonder how many national / native or traditional costumes make it easy (or not) to freeball and perhaps to catch a glimpse. We've seen that many guys wearing kilts do not have anything on underneath.  I have lived at times in Japan and still have strong connections to it. I find the kimono, and in particular the yukata, gives a great opportunity to freeball (go commando). The traditional kimono, which is really as formal nowadays as a tuxedo and not worn very often at all, does not work out very well for freeballing -- mainly because it is worn for ceremonial events and people are not likely to move around much. The kimono is also worn tightly bound and can have several undergarments and belts (obi) so that it is not likely to come open. Damn, it must even be difficult to take a leak or squat to use the bathroom. However, the yukata is quite a bit different. It is a casual summer kimono-like one piece outfit -- typically worn for festivals and as night wear / indoor wear at hotsprings resorts and fine hotels.Traditionally, Japanese men (and there are some people who do still) wear the yukata and its shorter version (the happi coat) as casual wear -- although mostly it is only during the summer and fall festivals, but a few for daily wear especially during the hot humid summer season. 

Under the yukata -- and sometimes ONLY without even the yukata-- is worn the traditional Japanese loincloth called the "fundoshi." It is not exactly underwear because it can be worn as swimwear or beach wear, as festival gear, and as an undergarment for a yukata (or kimono). Normally, only men wear a fundoshi, but some guys think it is very sexy for women to wear them .. so you sometimes see women in porno wearing a fundoshi. Fundoshi is not really about freeballing -- it is a wrap that curls up from behind and under and can even tightly bind your balls, but it certainly does not leave much to the imagination once in place. There are a couple of styles - -the one for festivals is often twisted into a knotty rope like a thong and rides up the crack of your ass. Other style leave a hanging cover of the front so it's a bit hard to see the guy's encased mound of cock and balls, but this flying droop moves and floats around so you do get a view sometimes.  
I'm not Japanese and don't have much chance to wear a yukata or fundoshi, but I have an acquaintance in Japan who has been after me to try them. He is a Buddhist priest who is about 35, married with two small children. The place I stay is just next door to the temple so he invariably invites me over when he knows I am in Japan. Perhaps he is just trying to be nice by introducing me to traditional Japanese culture -- Japanese are not very big on evangelical Buddhism (although I hear it does exist). On a recent trip to Tokyo, he insisted on measuring me for a yukata and told me he would have onr made for me and then show me how to wear it and we would go to a fireworks festival wearing a yukata. While he was measuring me, he got down on his knees in front of me (apparently in total innocence) but it sure made me wonder. He first had me pull off my trousers and then he measured about my waist and hips while I standing there in a bare of almost mesh semi see-thru boxers. I had to pull my t-shirt down over the front to conceal
what could have been a eyeful of my semi-freeballing. The next day he came running up to me again and wanted to measure me again -- he thought he might have made a mistake so it surely did get me to questioning his motives. For now, I will assume he has only my "cross-cultural" education at heart and nothing else. I do have to say that it will be interesting if he wants to teach me how to wear a fundoshi next! There are a few different types of 'fundoshi' style (Japanese loincloths). I guess you might say they are more like "freebutting" instead of freeballing, but what the hell, I think they look pretty cool. 

This photo above shows a guy's full body tatoo (irezumi) -- still quite popular with a certain segment of the Japanese -- it was strongly associated with gangsters (yakuza) but less so nowadays. Notice the twisted rope effect in the crack of his fundoshi -- wonder what that feels like -- maybe it helps keeps his semi-hard so that the spectators can enjoy the festival "show" even more. You can see different lengths of "happi" coats in this pic-- so the fundoshi is not really meant to be covered up -- although it can serve as underwear -- it is more like a 400 year old Japanese Speedo bikini or gym shorts. 

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