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The fundoshi - the traditional Japanese undergarment

I am not really into fundoshi (wearing them myself-- freeballer here), but I certainly enjoy seeing other men wear them. It's the traditional garment (actually undergarment) worn by most Edo era men under their kimono or yukata (before arrival of Perry's black ships circa 1857). For nearly a century, it was still used as underwear and the bathing suit for men, but it's popularity as an everyday article of clothing declined after the American Occupation introduced Western-style underwear for men. 

It's now become garment of choice for many 'masturi' - Japanese traditional festivals - many of
which celebrate the coming of age of young men and involve some type of virility or fertility ritual or ceremonial tasks. A variation of it, the 'mawashi' is still worn today by sumo wrestlers. 

In 'matsuri', groups of men (old and young) don the fundoshi (with or without happi coat) and parade the streets and shrine grounds carrying the heavy wooden floats (actually portable shrines, 'mikoshi'), heaving it up and forward with their loud chants and boisterous energy. Quite often when ONLY the fundoshi is worn - with nothing else - the festival is frequently referred to as a 'hadaka matsuri' or naked festival. 

It's true that some department stores in Japan got the idea to 'rename' the fundoshi and market it as 'samurai pants' or something like that, but it's still rather a special item that most men wouldn't own. For example, how popular is the thong for underwear or a bathing suit? Still there are a few men who wear kimono on a daily basis (instead of Western suits or pants) so I'm sure that you can find fundoshi at department stores and speciality stores. Even if not don one publically, some men might like the masculine image of the fundoshi and may be wearing them undertheir western attire - sort of like men who like to wear a jockstrap instead of boxers or briefs.

 A lot of men at the age of 20 (for both men and women) celebrate Coming of Age Day (2nd Monday in January) and some of them wear traditional kimono (and may be wearing a fundoshi underneath (although I have my doubts). Summer festivals and firework display bring out hordes of people, particularly young men and women, in the traditional lighter cotton print 'yukata' (cheaper version of the often outrageously expensive kimono). I bet a few men wear a fundoshi (or like I do - nothing) underneath.

Some of my Net pics on Japanese male bonding, including many with men in fundoshi:

Mr. Wada is photographer who specializes in Japanese festivals and seems to capture men in fundoshi at literally hundreds of festivals.

An online store's ad for fundoshi:

A blog by Japanese guy interested in naked and semi-naked men:

(He has several categories, included the one for matsuri and fundoshi above)

YouTube vid on how to put on (tie) a fundoshi: (in Japanese - for modesty's sake, the model is already wearing a fundoshi as the instructor demonstrates how to put on (over the existing one).

So you can imagine what it's like being where a lot of men are getting dressed in fundoshi. He explains in Japanese that most people can't get a fundoshi tied by themselves (you need a third or fourth arm). So you can see why I think male bonding is one of the functions of Japanese festivals - you have to get naked and up closer and personal with another guy and then groups of men in order to wear a fundoshi and participate. 

Well, I was wrong about one thing - YOU can put on a fundoshi by yourself. The same instructor completes his training of the younger fundoshi wearer - and put him to the test. A follow-up section of the earlier video (see my last posting for the URL).

This time he starts out without anything on underneath.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Skinny Dipping: Fun in the Sun

Comment As posted by "BudnBos" on I did skinny dipping for the first time this summer, and it was awesome... being in the water and at the beach nude. Most everyone else was nude also so it was no big deal 

It may not be a big deal as far as flashing goes, but it's still a great thing to be nude and enjoying the surf and sand -Skinnydipping at San Onofre (see pic at right) -- that's the whole point of skinnydipping. I try to do that all summer long and whenever I can any time. I love getting out to Black's Beach in San Diego, Baker Beach in San Francisco, Russian River at Guerneville (CA) and San Onofre State Beach (just south of Orange County (CA) on I-5 (one hour north of San Diego). I had fun there in Feb-March and met up with one of my flasher buddies from the Net. (See his photo at left below).

Of course, it's more thrilling to try to get naked (with or without the swimming) at the pool, or jacuzzi, or the beach or anywhere that nudity isn't expected.

I used to teach at a school (K-12) that had a pool. Since I had a key to the locker room (with access to the pool), I would sometimes go late at night and swim naked in the pool. I found out later on that one of male teacher had done the same but got caught and in trouble. Eventually, they beefed up security and put a stop to all late night swimming (changed locks).

Sometimes, it's possible to get naked in a hotel pool or jacuzzi when not many people are around. At other times, I've tried going completely naked from my tent to the campground toilet / shower - at night of course - while camping. Have stripped and gone skinny dipping at many places - public parks, state and national parks - Yosemite has some (cold water freezes your balls!) great places for that. The Big Island (actually part of all the islands of Hawaii) have many beaches where it's possible to skinnydip without offending others. Waipio Valley - out from Honokaa in the northeastern area of the Big Island has a great place where people frequently (spontaneously - not a regular practice and probably frowned on since there are
Deserted stretch at Waipio Valley (photo)

tourists (from the US mainland - Bible-belters) but once you descend the steep road downt the valley entrance (on foot - of course), you can cross the fresh water river that flows into the ocean, and go to the northern (deserted) stretch of the beach. I've seen many people get naked there (including me and friends) for skinnydipping. People can just see tiny figures bobbing around from their lookout point at the time.

Kehena Black Sand Beach (Puna Coast, Big Island)

Of course, my all-time favorite place to skinnydip is Kehena Black Sand's Beach on Hawaii's Puna coast. It's not just about showing your goodies on a nude beach. It's a marvelous place where nature's splendour, the chance to swim with dolphins and see whales, mix with the convivial atmosphere of the local tradition of a hippie holiday romp on the beach - complete with all sorts of naked and semi-clothed characters - all of whom are welcoming, tolerant, and often buzzed.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Budapest Turkish Bath Part 1: My Travel Blog


I recently went to my first Turkish baths on a trip to Eastern Europe during summer
vacation. I have been to gay saunas and bathhouses before, and also to bathhouses and spas in Austria, Japan, and other places. But it was my first time to go to an actual Turkish bath. My trip to Eastern Europe was a lot of fun. It was on this trip that I was able to visit the Kiraly Baths in Budapest, which seems to open daily, but Tues/Thurs/Sat are men-only days. Women have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 
A bathing suit is required  -- maybe because this was Hungary or maybe all Turkish baths require them. It was also a very old place-- dating back hundreds of years to the Ottoman empire. It was cheap enough -- 4-5 dollars to get in - although I did not realize that there was a 3-hour time limit - so I had to pay extra when I left. Things are pretty conservative - since it is Turkish and is also a straight men's bath for relaxing and
health / therapy. 
But don't think for a minute that sex between men doesn't happen, and besides it was a great opportunity for flashing. I was very glad to get the experience. I really did not know what it was actually going to be like -- so I did get my expectations up too high .. however, overall, I was very pleased with the experience.

After you pay cashier, you drop you ticket off with the guy at the inner door and are directed to the men's dressing room. Inside, there are separate cubicles where you undress and where you leave your belongs.

That was a bit disappointing because I thought that there would be ample opportunity to flash (or to see guys undressing).

An attendant has a separate key to double lock your cubicle (supposedly to prevent theft - but more likely to prevent guys from inviting another into his rather spacious cubicle for sex.)

Also they mark the time you enter on the cubicle door, so they know how long you have stayed (and thus can charge you extra -- which I figure goes directly into the attendant's pocket).
When I was at the cashier's, I had thought about getting an oil massage, but figured the baths themselves would be relaxing enough. I hadn't realized that the masseurs were in
need of work and had a trick to get customers. A big guy in late 20s wrapped in a towel was the first to greet me when I climbed the stairs and entered the men's dressing room. He pointed out an empty cubicle and asked me to change and to leave my things. When I came out he was back, and then directed me back into a side room off just off of the rest area -- a large room with 20 or more lounge chairs. The cubicle attendant showed up then and double locked the door.
The masseurs seem to have a ruse to give an unsuspecting customer a
massage, but in my case, I was vaguely aware of the trick and knew they would probably charge me extra for a massage, but it was just 5-6 dollars extra so really would be worth it. What convinced me was the fact that when we got back to the massage room there was another guy getting one from an older masseur. The guy getting a massage was on his back and had on his swim trunks.

My masseur asked me to lie down on the table and when I started climb up, he said, "Take off you swim pants." When I sort of hesitated and looked over to double check the other guy and his masseur, the big guy reached up and pulled down one said of my trunks and repeated, "Take these off, please." I was immediately convinced that this was an excellent chance to flash and to feel great while it happened. 

I stripped and tossed my trunks aside and got up on the table face down and buttocks up. My cock swelled up just a bit once it was free and being observed so I adjusted it backward (so as to be seen). My masseur started immediately rubbing my legs and moved up calves to thighs and then my butt. It was a turn-on to be the only one lying there naked.. my masseur had a towel around his waist and so did the other one; the guy on thenext table was an older gentleman, so I figured that my masseur was being selective and wanted a chance to see the goodies on a young more fit guy-- not his typical client on a Tuesday afternoon (or maybe he know intuitively that I would not refuse the chance to be massaged in the nude).


Of course, I got a semi-boner as he worked my legs and came up to my hamstrings and then my buttocks. After about 5 minutes, he asked "do you want some oil" - -I think this was the way to confirm my permission to give a full massage because when I said yes, he added, "it will take about 30 minutes, OK?" So I knew by then it would cost me, but it was worth it (and not much anyway). It felt cool being kind of seduced into getting a massage and having it done in the nude when other guys came in and out of the adjoining room made it a rare treat for it to be totally acceptable to be naked and even erect in front of several men.

After he worked his way up to my head and neck, he asked me to turn over. I knew it was not use concealing my boner - I was not fully hard, but did become so once I was turned over and knew he could see me and so could anybody else who entered the rest-area immediately adjoining (no door just an open archway between the rooms).

That was truly hot and exciting.. but after a few more minutes the massage got me relaxed and my erection cooled down to a less obvious state of excitement. Before long the massage was over and he then said it was finished and then asked for the 3300 forints for the oil massage (same price as was listed at the cashier's when I came in). 

No complaints from me.. it was a very hot experience -- sort like being force stripped and teased into sexual excitement and then out of it.. a truly Turkish afternoon delight. 

I will tell more about my trip to the Kiraly Baths later and my other flashing exploits this summer in other blog entries later.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Flashing a New Found Buddy

Flashing a New Found Buddy Getting naked with a clothed person you've just meet. An original posting by Kelly.
[ The photos are not me (except the one naked on the road near Kehena Beach below) and are added to aid the imagination.]
I got on a plane from Japan in July and sat next to a cute and friendly 29-yo
Japanese man. He had lived in Silicon Valley a couple of years back and was travelling to Honolulu to meet up with a friend he'd made in the US. He would not go into much detail but his 'friend' and he had made plans to meet up in Hawaii (actually on Oahu, in Honolulu at Waikiki) for 5 days. We had a good conversation and eventually I learned that his friend would not be arriving for another 12 hours after we landed. So I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me, go eat breakfast and spend some time at the beach.. He agreed and I had nothing better to do.

We eventually headed out beyond Hawaii Kai - just passed Sandy Beach. I do not think I was doing anything evil or trying to manipulate him -- I asked him over and over again he wanted to go to Waikiki Beach or we then tried stopping at Hanauma Bay but it was too crowded (no parking available). 
After a few stops at scenic points and beaches along the way, we eventually got to where I wanted to go -- I told him I liked to sun myself in the nude and it was a deserted beach. 

I guess I was hoping he would join me, but his sense of modesty (or str8ness) held him back. We headed out to the deserted beach and there was a local fisherman -- who probably would not have minded my nudity but my new friend's reluctance and sort of bashfulness left me high and dry and hot as a new lava tube ...
 Eventually, I told him I wanted my tan to be ALL over and asked him if he minded if I got naked since this was what I usually did when I went to this beach (nude sunbathing on Oahu is not legal, but you can do so if you are discreet - -actually that's true of about anywhere on the planet).

 I am not into flashing the world -- I just wanted to flash this cute guy and it got me hard thinking about his reaction -- I mean there are absolutely NO nude beaches anywhere in Japan.
However, contrary to what you might expect, there ARE plenty of opportunities for exposing / flashing and male-male nude camaraderie in Asian countries, particularly Japan. I have posted pics and whatever in posting at the freeballing ... dot ... com site about cross-cultural freeballing or more often exhibitionism. I know.. I know.. I'm getting off subject.... 

OK. Anyway, I pulled off my shorts with the boxers underneath which had been bulging since we sat down together on a beach mat we bought at the local stop up the road. Before that, I had been strategically placing my crotch so that he could try to get a look up my shorts. If I could tell that he was interested in what he was seeing, I would have gone further faster -- but he played it real cool -- maybe because he IS cool and not turned on by male nudity. I could not be sure so I
went further. Nevertheless, that just made more anxious to show off more to him.. so I started dripping pre-cum copiously. 

After I pulled off my pants and sat there naked, he apparently seemed to be afraid to stare -- probably because he noticed I was dripping a pool of pre-cum or maybe he was like a deer in the headlights or shocked or whatever.

It was totally hot to be naked in front of such a casual acquaintance -- and the fact that he totally agreed to let me undress in front of him was a big turn-on. So I didn't mind that he did not jump my cock and gobble it down.. it was actually hotter that way. If I want cock, balls and ass, I can get those at another beach (nameless but you can probably guess) or at one of the gay sex clubs in HNL) I will save describing my adventures there for another time.
 I regretted one thing -- that I did not ask him to take a photo of me -- or even better with both of us together - -him full clothed and me naked.

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