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It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and Phew is sitting at the local noodle shop having something to eat. His buddy Aon, who has just awakened from a nap, soon joins him. Aon is real hungry for some noodles. But later finds out he's a lot hungry for some thicker than a noodle: a guy's cock.





TRISTEN AND BRANSON - PART 1-3 Asian and White Gay Interracial Sex

Description: I think this is a first for Broke College Boys, both of the guys we have today are bi-sexual. Tristen states that he is bi-sexual and he prefers guys 70% of the time. Branson hasn't been with a lot of guys.  When I had them relaxed I offered them one hundred dollars to blow each other. Tristen tells me he got paid more for that last time, so I upped it to three hundred dollars and Tristen came back with the answer I wanted to hear. 


 So soon these two on-cam newbies were down to some buddy-buddy blowjobs and they really got into doing it. 






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