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Gay Halloween in Tokyo, Shinjuku Ni-chome, at Advocates Cafe, Oct 31, 9:00pm-2am

In Tokyo, Halloween is starting to become a bigger commercialized American 'festival' - of sorts. I am one of the few people who attempts to get gay-buds to dress up and go out on Halloween weekend. We're rounding up in Tokyo Ni-chome gay district on the Saturday before Halloween.

Check out the Eventbrite link below for maps and to RSVP (not needed) since it's a commercial bar and open to the public, also viewable from the street since it is mainly right on the street. Or you can also read more info about our Oct 31 Halloween Costume Street Party at the end of this entry.  For now, the party is impromptu, starts after 9:00pm and runs until 2:00pm with an after-party at one of the late-bars (Kinsmen), costumes are not required, but please wear one - the sexier the better!    See the map to Advocates Cafe below.  You can compare this one with the Google Map above. 


Advocates Cafe is just 7 meters from the corner (traffic light) on Nakadori ('center-street') of Ni-chome. (二丁目)  

The bar opens up right onto the sidewalk, so you can't miss the crowd as it starts to gather and spill out into the street. 

The map is a little bit old. Sunkus Convenience Store is now Lawson's (I think).Shinjuku Park has been dismantled - there's nothing left but a small public restroom on the corner. 

Halloween used to be pretty wild in Tokyo. There used to be a time when hundreds of costumed foreigners would gather at Shinjuku train station for a raucous ride around the green circle train, the Yamanote Line. At a designated time on the Saturday before All Saint's Day or Tous Saints (Nov 1) (or All Hallow's Eve (Oct 31), as many as 500 foreign residents would all board a late evening train headed counter clockwise around the center of Tokyo. At each station, approximately 2-4 minutes intervals, the whole gang would jump off the train car (actually more like a subway although mainly above ground) and then dash into another train car in a mad howling mass - before the doors closed. Of course, it causes chaos and a lot of local commuters were also pushed and shoved. So it used to be a kind of revenge act for all those other 51 weeks when we are involuntarily packed like sardines on our way to and from work every day.

People wore all kinds of simple and elaborate costumes, but I love to see the straight men wearing a yukata (summer kimono) with nothing on underneath, so their freeballing ended up becoming a point of departure for an interesting conversation over beers after the 'wild ride.' Invariably, you would meet a new group of mildly acquainted people and stay out in the bars and streets under the sunrise.

Because there was a lot of 'incidental damage' to the trains (broken light fixtures, trash, and people getting hurt - mainly some drunk participants slipping or getting caught in train doors), the police decided to put a complete stop to the shenanigans a few years back. So hundreds of them arrive around the suspected witching with shields and riot batons, ready to stand firm (and maybe 'erect' too) if a crowd of mainly white people in weird clothes shows up. So far no one has seemed to see that simply choosing another station on the circle or working in tandom with cellphones from various small stations would allow the 'Wild Ride' to go on. The problem is that 500 strangers don't usually meet up and then go in cohoots to plan what might be considered a urban terrorist act.

I'll be at the Gay Halloween Costume Street Party that is starting to become a mini tradition  on the street in front of Advocates Cafe (gay bar) in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ni-chome district ( a 10-minute walk from the main Shinjuku Train station). See maps above.



If you are in Tokyo on Sat, Oct 31, then drop by Advocates (in costume or without) or you could try
your luck for another spontaneous Wild Ride at Shinjuku JR Station at about 10pm that night. But beware the police will be out in droves to prevent it. Still....

Back in Shinjuku, I'll be dressed as a Greek Senator - in a toga, the one I described from N2N in an earlier blog posting. Stop by and give me a Trick or Treat, or just say hello.

Kelly sunbuns99 / sunbuns / sunbunz

Gay Life in Japan: a personal explanation

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 As a gay man in Japan, I have some experience in this, so let me give my 2 yen. First, there is no religious bias from most Japanese. Historically, many Japanese have been homosexual (some buddhist temples in Japan actually kept young men {even young boys at time, sadly} specifically because they were beautiful and the monks would have regular sexual encounters with them, and samurai often had relationships with their "squires" or "apprentices" {not sure what the Japanese word for that is} )according to some of the gay literature I have read here. That said, there is a strong bias, not against same sex acts, but against a homosexual lifestyle, because it is not within the traditional Japanese lifestyle.

A youth is expected to go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, and support the family by doing so. Someone who falls outside of that pattern is instantly regarded with suspicion and even contempt by many traditional Japanese. Obviously, a homosexual relationship and lifestyle falls well outside that pattern. I would liken Japanese homosexual culture to that of America in the early 70's, without the active persecution or violence of that time. Most people don't even consider it (you'd be AMAZED how many Japanese have told me that there are no gay Japanese...hand to god!) Those that do, often consider it a choice (and not a good one) and somehow deficient, although many women do consider it hip and cool to have a gay male friend.

There is a lot of confusion, incidentally, even in the language, about the difference between being gay, trangendered and transvestite. In fact, most words in the Japanese language make no distinction between the different identities. Ironically, while homosexuality as a lifestyle is looked at askance, entertainers who break the gender boundaries are incredibly popular, both as objects of amusement and as legitimate entertainers. This leads to many Japanese having confusion about or denial of their orientation. The Japanese closet is deep. Almost all the gay Japanese men I have met over 30 are also married with children. Many of their wives even know that they are gay. It seems that as long as they have fulfilled the obligation to the community of a wife and children, it is tolerated.

Some just look at it as a physical thing (and the stereotype is that this sort of Japanese man is very unaffectionate with their partners in gay sex; no kissing or any form of emotional attachment is formed); that they simply want sex with a man as an urge to be satisfied. This attitude is also held by many heterosexual Japanese about homosexuals, that it is simply a physical urge, not a life-altering orientation. Many other gay Japanese men go the far opposite extreme, becoming extremely effeminate in all their behavior; sometimes even dressing and appearing as women (although not quite to the degree of transvestism).

 Rather than hiding it, they embrace the stereotype that Japanese culture places on them and in fact seem to be throwing it back in that culture's face. Gay bars and gay-oriented businesses are few and far between outside of the metropolises (such as Tokyo's Shinjuku Nichome) and compared to the America, even those venues are small. For instance, Nichome has approximately 200 gay bars (according to Fodor's) in the neighborhood, but from personal experience I can tell you that aside from a very few, these bars have a seating capacity of 6-15 people...they are bars, not clubs. There are also occasionally places in the most out-of-the-way towns that would shock you...my small town does not have a gay bar (or in fact any night clubs) but it does have a transexual snack/hostess bar! HOW it stays open in this town, I couldn't even tell you...

 There are quite a few small gay newspapers and magazines published in Japan, and they tend to be
very discrete in delivery. In the larger cities, there are gay encounter/social groups as well. Now, a bit of good news for foreigners coming to Japan...usually, Japanese have NO problem with homosexual foreigners. Remember, we are expected to not conform to Japanese culture (which can work for and against us in many situations) and so without any religious bias against homosexuality, we slip unscathed under the "conformity" radar...it's just one more weird thing about you, like eating raw vegetables, hating natto and wearing non-white shirts to work. However, there seems to be a bit of mild prejudice about us working with kids (or maybe not...I'll explain).

A few of the teachers I work/have worked with who know my orientation have told me it would be better for me not to talk about it, as some parents might be uncomfortable with me being in charge of their kids. On the other hand, several of my gay JET friends are not only out at the schools they teach at, but they have even taught lessons on homosexuality in other countries and how it is received there, without any negative fallout. So it could be that the teachers who spoke to me were simply being extra cautious, or my friends could have been lucky. I hope this is useful to you, or at least informative.

 Smile,  Sean

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Naked Japanese Young Men



Fuckermate: Hector Agusti & Yoshi Kawasaki

Fuckermate: Hector Agusti & Yoshi Kawasaki

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Good time at Osaka's Largest Gay Baths

 Tai kun 

by sunbuns on Sunday 25th October 2009 12:10am 

I visited Osaka this weekend, and went to Hokuokan (the huge gay baths and inn there) for the first time. It was hopping with all types of men...Asian men, grandpops, and twinks made up 98%. I fit in somewhere. I think it makes me a whole lot more exhibitionist in many ways because of the fact that I am a member of an extreme racial/ethnic minority in Japan. You might think the opposite might be true, and in some ways, it is like being a 'fly on the wall' - as an outsider to the surrounding culture that can be so quickly identified as such. But it's also stimulating (although it can be exhausting at times) to be the object of everyone's interest (apparently so -- though obviously not true). I get glances all the time wherever I am.


But in a gay bath house, those glances are ones that might be admiring or at least curious. At my age, I don't pass up a chance to show off in the light of such visual scrutiny. So I often get a hard on just walking around. It helps too that there are also a hot men and young men that have well-developed muscles on a wiry, athletic frame. Not be far can you say that Asian men are not well-endowed. Size is only relative. In comparison with the overall size of their bodies, some Japanese men are hugely endowed. Not being a size queen does help.

The night was pretty good -- Saturday seemed to have been best to arrive before 9pm. There were plenty of hot young dudes (20s & 30s) who were getting dressed, and leaving, but then another wave arrived later on in the evening.

I got to plug a few asses, and watch plenty getting sucked and fucked. The top role is one I often seem obliged to take in such an orgy-like environment. I am not hugely endowed, but often more than equal to and many times quite a mouthful for some dude who later wants his butt opened and his prostate massaged by a blunt object: my cock. It was hot when one other non-Asian young guy sucked my cock while a small Japanese dude rode the white guy's big ass.


He would probably have liked me to plow his white meaty buns.. but I had other fish to fry that night. Hokuoukan (北欧館)is 8 floors of lockers, baths, saunas, group 'mixed' rooms with TV, porno video, and dark corners, where sex is going on. The top floors are private rooms where you can stay all night - so you might consider it as an alternative to a more expensive hotel - if you ever had reason to visit Osaka.

I also like the 'chase' - seeing a cute guy who seems interested but who can't seem to break down and give in to my advances. Of course, it's not always successful - but when a young Japanese guy gives me the look-over, I try to see if he'll want to do more than look. Obviously, the men who are my age or older, chase me too, often trying to put the make on my booty or my baby-maker (I fathered two children, remember), but at times they can be too clawing and undaunted in trying to obtain their goal: get my cock in their ass or mouth. I push them away - unless - I'm in a really horny or desperate.
feeling up in sauna

Last night, there was one really cute slim hottie - probably in his early 20s - that had me 'chasing' him up and down the 8 stories, but he always managed to get back to the TV room - with his towel slightly spread -- a real tease, so nothing came of it because I wanted to leave by midnight. You pay an entrance fee ($22), but you have to pay an extra 600 yen ($6 US) if you depart after midnight - although that allows you to stay the rest of the night. There are plenty of places to sleep - but sometimes, it is 'hard' to sleep because some cute guy or, more likely, some older codger will keep trying to pull open your cotton robe or slip off the blanket to get a taste of your exotic 'foreign' meat. Pretending to sleep in order to attract 'suitor-suckers' is also fun at times, and there are sometimes a lot of Japanese men who only prefer to have sex with men that way: being seduced while 'asleep.'

suck at soda machine

It would have been hot to go out on the streets since Osaka is full of bars, pubs, and night clubs because there were tons and tons of cute twinks flooding the streets. But they hardly gave a middle-aged foreigner a second look, when I had headed to Umeda Station, walking from my hotel.... (oh well...). At least in the baths, everyone's there to get off basically so you don't have to 'play games' unless you're particularly picky.
double timed

It was a nice time in Osaka. It's a fun city with a lot to do and see, and a vibe that is very different from Tokyo. I'm sure I'll find another excuse to come again (literally) soon.

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Cute Japanese Boys getting off


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Cute Japanese guy is made to masturbate in front of the camera:


Japanese cuties jerks his cock in the bath:


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