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Sumo for westerners

Men who enjoy the traditional Japanese wrestling sport of 'sumo' don't have to be Japanese themselves.
It's cute how the tall guy seems to want to cover up his front.. although it appears that his backside is one of his most delicious 'assets'.  (smile).

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hot Asian guys loving Caucasian Men

Hot asian boys on videos

By tatarin | September 15, 2009

Hot Asian Twink Abused And Worn Out

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good time at Osaka's Largest Gay Baths

 Tai kun

by sunbuns on Sunday 25th October 2009 12:10am |

I visited Osaka this weekend, and went to Hokuokan (the huge gay baths and inn there) for the first time. It was hopping with all types of men...Asian men, grandpops, and twinks made up 98%. I fit in somewhere. I think it makes me a whole lot more exhibitionist in many ways because of the fact that I am a member of an extreme racial/ethnic minority in Japan. You might think the opposite might be true, and in some ways, it is like being a 'fly on the wall' - as an outsider to the surrounding culture that can be so quickly identified as such. But it's also stimulating (although it can be exhausting at times) to be the object of everyone's interest (apparently so -- though obviously not true). I get glances all the time wherever I am.

But in a gay bath house, those glances are ones that might be admiring or at least curious. At my age, I don't pass up a chance to show off in the light of such visual scrutiny. So I often get a hard on just walking around. It helps too that there are also a hot men and young men that have well-developed muscles on a wiry, athletic frame. Not be far can you say that Asian men are not well-endowed. Size is only relative. In comparison with the overall size of their bodies, some Japanese men are hugely endowed. Not being a size queen does help.

The night was pretty good -- Saturday seemed to have been best to arrive before 9pm. There were plenty of hot young dudes (20s & 30s) who were getting dressed, and leaving, but then another wave arrived later on in the evening.

I got to plug a few asses, and watch plenty getting sucked and fucked. The top role is one I often seem obliged to take in such an orgy-like environment. I am not hugely endowed, but often more than equal to and many times quite a mouthful for some dude who later wants his butt opened and his prostate massaged by a blunt object: my cock. It was hot when one other non-Asian young guy sucked my cock while a small Japanese dude rode the white guy's big ass.

He would probably have liked me to plow his white meaty buns.. but I had other fish to fry that night. Hokuoukan (北欧館)is 8 floors of lockers, baths, saunas, group 'mixed' rooms with TV, porno video, and dark corners, where sex is going on. The top floors are private rooms where you can stay all night - so you might consider it as an alternative to a more expensive hotel - if you ever had reason to visit Osaka.

I also like the 'chase' - seeing a cute guy who seems interested but who can't seem to break down and give in to my advances. Of course, it's not always successful - but when a young Japanese guy gives me the look-over, I try to see if he'll want to do more than look. Obviously, the men who are my age or older, chase me too, often trying to put the make on my booty or my baby-maker (I fathered two children, remember), but at times they can be too clawing and undaunted in trying to obtain their goal: get my cock in their ass or mouth. I push them away - unless - I'm in a really horny or desperate.
feeling up in sauna

Last night, there was one really cute slim hottie - probably in his early 20s - that had me 'chasing' him up and down the 8 stories, but he always managed to get back to the TV room - with his towel slightly spread -- a real tease, so nothing came of it because I wanted to leave by midnight. You pay an entrance fee ($22), but you have to pay an extra 600 yen ($6 US) if you depart after midnight - although that allows you to stay the rest of the night. There are plenty of places to sleep - but sometimes, it is 'hard' to sleep because some cute guy or, more likely, some older codger will keep trying to pull open your cotton robe or slip off the blanket to get a taste of your exotic 'foreign' meat. Pretending to sleep in order to attract 'suitor-suckers' is also fun at times, and there are sometimes a lot of Japanese men who only prefer to have sex with men that way: being seduced while 'asleep.'
suck at soda machine

It would have been hot to go out on the streets since Osaka is full of bars, pubs, and night clubs because there were tons and tons of cute twinks flooding the streets. But they hardly gave a middle-aged foreigner a second look, when I had headed to Umeda Station, walking from my hotel.... (oh well...). At least in the baths, everyone's there to get off basically so you don't have to 'play games' unless you're particularly picky.
double timed

It was a nice time in Osaka. It's a fun city with a lot to do and see, and a vibe that is very different from Tokyo. I'm sure I'll find another excuse to come again (literally) soon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Japan male nudity : Social camaraderie between men. Pics 9-12

Despite their being rather modest about showing the naked body, particularly the genitals and even pubic hair, there seems to be many opportunities for seeing male nudity (most just nude behinds) in a lot of social situations.

I have shown before how Japanese men, particularly younger men, who gather in groups for sports and athletic events, often change in and out of the athletic gear in the open - sometimes plainly visible (although not enough so) to the casual bystander. I've run across those situations many times and even documented them here on this blog (Search for: Japanese / frisbee / soccer )
Here are a couple of different situations where Japanese men get naked (or partly so) together in public or socially.

1) Hot springs (onsen) or public baths (sentou)
The top photo is actually as a screen-shot taken from a television program. In Japan, there is not distinction between the prohibition of male or female nudity on TV, film or print media.
In NONE of them can gentials (sex organs) or public hair be shown. However, simulated sex, buttocks, breast, and full body nudity (including blurred out or mosaic coverage) of sexual organs can be legally shown on TV, movies or in magazines or advertising. The guy above is a Japanese 'talento' - a actor/comedian/musician type who regularly appears on TV and in movies.

I've been to a Japanese bath house in Japan, and it is REQUIRED that you wash your entire body thoroughly. That includes all the orifices. Many guys do it twice. Then rinse off and maybe do it all again a third time if you're really dirty. Only then are you allowed in the soaking tub.
---Eric M. ( This was added as a comment to an earlier set of photos in a Japanese bath house).

My own experience with public baths and hot spring resorts:

There used to be one in every neighborhood. Even in a city as large as Tokyo, there were many people who lived with a bathroom in their apartments (they did have a separate toilet, of course). So it was customary (and still exists today but to a far lesser extent) for young and older men (who lives alone or in worker's dormitories) to go to the local public bath. I used go too - to get clean and have a relaxing soak in the large communal tube. But it was also very erotically stimulating to catch glimpses of all the scrubbing of backs, and chests, and the cleaning of cocks and assholes. It wasn't only one that I (or another guy who was also a little too eager or interested) got a semi hard-on while sitting across from another young stud - whose toned muscles were the results on many months of day labor. I love it best when 'buddies' would scrub each others' backs, or joke about the size of his own or poke fun at the 'large' size of his friend's dick.

2) Japanese festivals or matsuri -- These are the seasonal outdoor and street festivals that derive from the traditional Shinto shrines celebrations related to nature its relationship to humans, mostly agriculture such as planting, harvest, seasonal changes, etc). Most of these o-matsuri involve groups of men (sometimes mixed groups with women, too) carrying very heavy portable shrines (o-mikoshi) and they usually involve some jostling or competition between the separate groups involved. A theme of virility and fertility the male's role as 'planter of the seed' - meaning both farmer of the fertile soil and also plowing his blunt instrument in the folds to the entrance of woman's womb are symbolized by various actions and artifacts used in these social rituals, dating from a few thousand years back - when Japan was a completely agrarian society.

In these shrine festivals (o-matsuri), it's traditional, or at least used to be more so, to wear a 'fundoshi,' the wrap-around and tied underwear (cock & butt strap).
Those are the garments that you see the men wearing in the above festival scenes. Older men tend to wear a happi coat (like a half-length kimono or yukata) along with cotton shorts of the same material. The less modest butt-exposing fundoshi often can be put on by oneself. So it's rather interesting and mildly stimulating to see a guy getting his pelvis wrapped by his buddy or older mentor -- a process which, of course, has to start when he is completely naked (and sometimes right on the street). That is probably what we are seeing in one of the photos above.

The above photos were forwarded in a group message from: atitlan on his [ymna2] Young Men's Nudist Association, Yahoo group.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Japanese public baths: male nudity 1-4

What are those things the men are sitting on in the first picture?
This was a question from a member of the [ymna2] Yahoo group:
He went on to explain.
 Well, years ago I went to the "spring baths" in Hot Springs, Arkansas (USA).  There were things that men were sitting in and on.  I tried it, and it simply was very warm water.  Was this just to make the butt/ass relax or what?  I didn't understand the meaning of it.

Bizarre how people can come up with such strange interpretation so other people culture-bound behavior.
Another person in the same : [ymna2]  Yahoo Group responded:

From what iIknow, or at least what is in the first picture, they are just stools/buckets. usually people carry all their soap/shampoo/etc in the bucket, then turn it over to use as a stool while they shower off before getting in the tub.

The second is exactly right. Just stool - plastic, santitary, low-to-the-ground, and cheaply replaced.

The above amateur photos from a Japanese public bath were forwarded  in a group message from: atitlan on his [ymna2] Yahoo group.   Cross-posted on Otoko-Gay and Quiver of Errors (

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