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PeterFever: The Asiancy S10 “Behind the Scenes Part 1”


This season has an entertaining storyline that involves crazy bachelor games. The PeterFevermodels are a silly group to begin with but when you throw in dick stickers, dick lollipops, and body shots, hilarity ensues. The models had a pleasurable time playing the games and touching each other. In these naughty games, everyone’s a winner.

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Japanese Gay History in Drawing and Painting

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on Monday, January 01, 2007

Japanese Gay History


"It is believed that the behaviors between a man and a man in Japan before Meiji-era was based on a commitment to spend their lives together, not on their sexual desire. We call the behaviors DANSHOKU or NANSHOKU in Japan, since most of them are not male homosexuality from historical records of the past....

..Male "homosexuality" is supposed that it was from ancient times in Japan. Since introduction of Buddhism into Japan, Buddhist monks have achieved a dominant place in respect of culture and politics. They lived in a steep mountains zone isolated with a society, and developed their original sexual custom by themselves. Also, an aristocrat the governing classes was influenced of a priest of high virtue, and male "homosexuality" progressed from the last stage of Heian period when an appearance of samurai as a guard. In the place isolated from a society like a battlefield, a female is absent and their original society was made by samurai. Since the samurai was seriously influenced of Buddhism or they served for the aristocrats, they inherited priests' custom as it was, and spread the custom further. They love about 10-16,17-year-old boy who were called "TIGO" and "KATTUJIKI or KATSUJIKI". Their hairstyle and clothes seemed to be girls'. .. 794-1185: Heian period"Heian period" saw the full assimilation of Chinese influences and the flowering of an indigenous aristocratic culture. The development of the Japanese "kana" syllables gave birth to a truly native literary tradition, including some of the finest works of Japanese poetry and prose, such as "The Tale of Genji". Politically, "Heian period" was characterised by the donation of imperial court by regents. "Heian period" witnessed the growing power of provincial warrior bands and the proliferation of private estates, that brought about the disintegration of the old law system "Rituryo". It did not sink deep roots among the people as Buddhism did, though Confucianism was important for Japanese court etiquette and ceremony. The samurai, warrior people, lived by a code of honor known as "Bushido". Many Buddhist monks in a Buddhist monastery practiced "the homosexuality" with "Tigo" who served for the monks because the relationships with female were absolutely prohibited in the Buddhist dogma. There was a rich development of the Tendai and Zen schools. The cute boys " Tigo" served as the important partners for life. The Buddhist priest "Genshin" published "OJOYOSHU" ( Essential of Pure Land Rebirth) in 985, said people got fiery punishment in "homosexuals". As a aristocracy contacted with a Buddhist clergy, "homosexuality" had become popular among them. Ki no Tsurayuki/ (Ki no Tsurayuki) wrote " The Tosa Diary". We find examples of men writing as women. ..... 1185-1333: Kamakura period"Kamakura period" heralded the rise to political power of the provincial warrior class. "Shogunate" was inherited in a series of military government that would rule Japan until the mid-19th century. Other events are "Mongol Invasion", the introduction of " Zen Buddhism", and the emergence of new sects of Buddhism, such as the Pure Land, Nichiren schools. The cute boys were served in court as entertainers and sexual partners.See also "Genpeiseisuiki".....

....The middle stage of Edo period While the peaceful time continued and samurai class feminized, townspeople class gained power. The way of male homosexuality was also feminized and seemingly the motto was emphasized on their enjoyment. With this, "Yaro Kabuki" started by a professional boy. The boy "Wakashu or Wakashudo" was treated as a female not as a male. See also "Akinari Ueda" .. "

You can read more about Japanese Queer History in this site- "Japanese History For Gay Men".


PeterFever: “Private Room” – Eric East


Eric East has been traveling around the world meeting hot guys, one after another. He remembers one guy in particular, Craig, who left a major impression on him, his lingering cologne smell and his unforgettable cock. He made Eric cum multiple times, even now just thinking of him.

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Gay and Tourist Destination: Hawaii - What's there to do?


Original posting: jockdude11
12 Dec 2012, 10:57Any tips for fun/adventures in hawaii? gay spots?

Follow up: 69hawaii  
24 Dec 2012, 08:55Diamond Head Beach in Waikiki, Polo Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Little Beach on Maui, Donkey Beach on Kauai, Kehena Beach (southeast of Pahoa) on the Big Island. Hula's Bar in Waikiki.

Follow up: sunbuns99    

30 Dec 2012, 08:13
Take at look at Odyssey Magazine of Hawaii

In addition, there are some more spots:

Max's Gym (gay gym and also gay sauna)
Queen's Beach (a section of Waikiki Beach just before the Aquarium. It's frequented by gay and gay couples)
Diamond Beach (below the Light House) can be cruisy, and sometimes guys go nude sunbathing there (or in the bushes above it), but the police do cruise for public lewdness violations so be discreet.

Ask at Hula's Bar (or see gay events/activities in Odyssey Magazine) - such as gay volleyball, and a gay catamaran cruise, etc.
A little known fact is that you can go camping all around The Big Island of Hawaii, using a combination of County parks, State Parks and private commercial campgrounds. 
   Start by using the Hawaii County site:
   You can also write to the State office to get a camping permit for state parks.
    Also check out    It's a 100 acre resort which has camping and lodge and villa accommodation, too. Kalani is quite gay friendly, and also has some organized gay activities as well as new age / spiritual retreats, and dance and yoga workshops. 
Other things to do besides gay stuff:

On Oahu
Climb Diamond Head crater for lookout views at the top (walkable from Waikiki or take a taxi and walk back down afterward) 
Pearl Harbor visits to War Memorial
Hanauma Bay for snorkeling
Drive up to Kailua - Kaneohe (views from Pali Point) Hyw 3
North Shore (Polo Beach was mentioned), but there are lots of fun things to do and see on the North Shore, (stop at Dole Plantation for a taste of pineapple ice cream)
Deserted beaches out at Leeward Coast (I've been nude many times out passed Makaha but discretion advised). 
Ala Moana Shopping Center (also has a nice food court with Thai, Hawaiian, )
Try Maui Tacos in Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center (food court on 2nd floor)
Eat a Maui-style taco (the wettest taco in the world with Kona Longboard beer - on tap in the bar on the same floor. You can bring in food from the Food Court and eat in the bar). 
Some of the great Waikiki landmark hotels have beachside grills and bars -- You can have an authentic Mai Tai, served at the place where it was invented.
Hilton Hawaiian Village has set of attractions inside its grounds. Even if you're not staying there, it's worth a walk through the Village to see the sites, shopping, food and attractions (the penguin and tropical bird zoo is interesting). From HHV you can walk along Waikiki Beach all the way to Kapiolani Park (Zoo and Aquarium, etc), and vice-versa. 

On Hawaii (Big Island): 

  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 
      Kilauea Crater
      Visit the lava flows
 Hilo  (Old Town)
   Akaka Falls
   Laupahoehoe Park (memorial to tsunami victims of the 1964 disaster, get camping permit on the Hawaii County site).
   Parker Ranch (Waimea)  once was the world's largest ranch
   Waipio Canyon (hiking down and back up)
    Hawi / Kapa'a in the far North of Kohala 
    Kailua-Kona Town
    Scuba/ Snorkeling with Giant Manta (near Kona)
   Lava Tree State Monument (near Pahoa)
   Pohoiki (Kapoho-Kalapana Road Hwy 137 'Red Road') - interesting tropical forest drive   

   Kehena Black Sands Beach -  located at milemaker 19 on Hwy 137
   Kalani Honau Resort - Great organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner (best deal is breakfast 7:00-8:30 ($10), Lunch 12:00-1:00 ($12), Dinner 6:30-8:00 ($22)

On Maui
Little Beach on Maui is nudist, but has no amenities (so take plenty of water and sunscreen, etc).  A toilet is nearby on the larger textile beach.  Maui Sunseeker Hotel is the (only) gay hotel on the island. 

One or two words of caution 

1) Don't leave valuables (or anything - for that matter) in a parked car). Break-ins are very frequent. Robbers will smash a passenger window and steal everything. Locals just leave the windows open to show that there is nothing of value in the vehicle. 

2) It's hard to park in many areas of Waikiki. So leave your car in Ala Moana and jump on a city bus (correct change needed) or sightseeing trolley (a couple of latter are free if you have a certain credit card).

3)  Don't be stupid about the ocean and nature (such as the volcanic lava) and the dangers therein. Many people drown and some die because they are simply stupid about volcanoes. Walking into a pool of hot lava can kill you, or breathing sulfuric acid and liquid silicon will NOT be good for your lungs.   
  Be aware of tides and the dangers of waves and drifts. 
Every year some unlucky and unwise tourists die or undergo major injuries because of not being aware of and taking simple precautions.

Follow up: mvmfla
01 Jan 2013, 04:06I just got back from Hawaii

Diamond Head hike was fun with a great view of Waikiki. Hanauma Bay for snorkeling was also fun. Loved Pearl Harbor and the North Shore. Hula's is the big gay bar in Waikiki ( 134 Kapahulu Dr., across from the Zoo, near intersection of Kapahulu and Kalakaua (main boulevard along Waikiki Beach)

I really loved the island of Kauai (nothing gay there, that I found). 


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