Monday, January 28, 2013

Naked guys in a Japanese bath

In Japan, you can often see naked guys in a Japanese bath. There used to be a public bath (divided into men's and women's baths) in every community. But recently, those quaint and small local baths have been replaced by large commercial resort-like hot spring baths.  It's pretty cool to go there on a crowded weekend to see how Japanese men like to relax, and engage in male camaraderie. 

Cute Japanese guy is fucked his buddy and then by his granddaddy

Muscled Asian dude beats off and gets sucked

Thursday, January 10, 2013

PeterFever: Power & Control

Interracial Gay Sex:  Asian top / Latino bottom 

While Mitch is upstairs banging Diego for information, Spencer figures it is time to take control of The Asiancy. As Jessie is walking down the stairs he notices Spencer busy on his computer. "What are you looking at?" Spencer explains how he is checking out guys in Asiaand is thinking about starting a new office there.

Surprised Jessie says, "I thought you were tired of traveling." That's when Spencer suggests that Jessie should go to Asia while he stays behind. Jessie immediately becomes suspicious and he knows that Spencer is trying to get rid of him.

Of course Spencer denies everything and says to Jessie, "Want to control me now?" And that's when Jessie forgets what Spencer is up to and fucks the shit out his ass. Spencer knows that best way to get Jessie to trust him is to pretend that Jessie is in control.

Take a long, hard look at "Power & Control" starring Jessie Lee and Spencer Williams.





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