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Japanese Society in Cameo: Glimpsed from snapshots of guys emerging from a hot spring bath (Onsen)

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Some of these photos of Japanese men emerge from a hot springs (mineral baths) or 'onsen' were highlighted on QueerClick not long ago. I can't resist showing them again. It's just THE Japanese thing to do - and seems to be especially popular with groups of male college friends, intramural sports teams, or company excursions. They usually spend a night or two at the hot spring resort - one of the most famous - as well as accessible to Tokyo - is Hakone (near the Mt. Fuji Lakes area). Invariably, they have a nice meal - (that's a whole other story) and gulped down lots of beer, sake, and even whiskey or strong imported Chinese liquor.

They're all wearing the traditional 'yukata' - thin, cotton kimono-like coat - with (hopefully) nothing on underneath. When the alcohol, good food and camaraderie take effect, they start dancing sometimes in the buff or provocatively draped, they sing (karaoke) or do stunts (handstands, etc), and then everybody heads down to the communal baths in the resorts - usually downstairs and many times facing outdoors - a river, wooded stream or even the ocean. Those who can no longer stand - due to the alcohol- might be helped by to their rooms, and fondled or groped or even much more (I only know what I would be doing if my buddy had passed out half naked). Back in the baths, the antics usually escalate - naked men are scrubbing each other's back, and there's the relentless teasing about the size of somebody's dick (often teased that he's too big), and sooner of later somebody passes out from heat exhaustion and too much liquor. A few erections may emerge from under the suds or hidden while squatting in the thigh-deeper hot pools of volcanic mineral waters.

All in all.. it's a great time for everyone.

Japanese men are horny a whole lot of the time and - in my opinion - the repressive nature of their society actually only deepens and heightens the sexual tensions for the average company worker. The stress of so many social and work responsibilities is sometimes almost too much to bear: 'fetch this' and 'do this now' is the only thing workers hear all day and half the night since they almost always work overtime for NO (or little) pay.

Without much recourse or with little leeway for arguing back, they submissively accept what they have to do, and go about it quietly (or at least only mutter out of earshot) or complain to their 'real' friends later. All this comes bubbling to the surface when the drinks and relaxation reach the max at big group parties out in the country. The months of repressed desire also come bubbling to their consciousness - well.. at least it would in mind. Japanese men are generally dissuaded from 'flirting' in public - especially in an office situation. In fact, it use to be true that inter-office affairs and romantic relationships were so frowned upon that a worker risked getting transferred or - in the worse case - fired for dating a co-worker. It really is much less true nowadays because of the changes occurring in the society and in the economy. However, to some extent interoffice romance is discouraged. In that kind of environment, young men (ages 22- 35) before marriage didn't have many avenues for sexual or romantic release -except Japanese anime and pornography, and the nightly jerk-off once they crawled in to bed after midnight when they got home from a couple of 'mandatory' rounds a the local pub with the office gang - that often included their immediate superior (who was bucking for promotion or for leverage to support his pet projects).

The trips to the onsen (hot spring resorts) and the pub crawls after working later are rather like R & R for the troops in an army that's on dangerous duty. This was (and still is in some cases) the Civilian Military - (Japan Incorportated) because that was exactly how the typical Japanese factory or company used to operate. The new ones were the recruits -- called upon to have to endure all kinds of hardships (workign 12-16 hour days for example was expected), so these 'trips' were probably a natural way to help relieve a lot of stress.. some of it under the belt line - so to speak.
There is no doubt in my mind that many a young company employee (male or perhaps more so the females) was 'defrocked' while on one of these onsen excursions organized by his (her) company or social group.
The situation has ameliorated to some extent. It is not easy to determine how much though. Japan still has the highest rates of suicide of any industrialized (first world) nation, and the numbers continue to swell. Over 30,000 per year end their lives and by estimates, nearly 4 times as many try to do so.

Japanese has a massive social networking infrastructure long, long before the days of the Internet - or Facebook. I could write a book on this and related topics... but - in reality - much of it is coming to an end. Today's young people do not want to participate to the same degree as before. The number of 'freeters' - young people who refuse to get a full-time job, who often still live at home on their parents' dime, and are content with having little money - but lots of freedom and tons of free time to work part-time at as many as 3 jobs, quit when they get tired of one, go out with friends to sing karaoke or drink or just hang out, and play PS3 games or windowshop all night long.

More to follow (eventually.....)

The above first 3 amateur photos were forwarded in a group message from: atitlan [ymna2] Yahoo group, the last one was sent in my Erik on his [cmnm] google group. Note: Queerclick displays their logo on the photo but they no more own the copyright (c) to that photo that Richard Nixon does!

Monday, September 21, 2009

WNBR 2009 London 186

This is the same guy I posted a few weeks ago. He's one of the few Asian men that we have seen participating naked in the WNBR in this case in London.  I am repeating myself - but it's always great to see a brave lad -- who is one of the ethnic minorities - of course, it helps probably that the older gentlemen is giving his moral support (at least that - smile).

(Excuse the cross-posting of this blog entry).

He got a great bubble butt, too. So he probably doesn't mind the attention. If the WNBR gets held here (Tokyo) I'd stick out like a sore thumb - tall white (well tanned a little) foreign male with his skinny ass propped on a bicycle seat - what's more than are few green bushy parks in Tokyo for the participants to hide out from the crowds. So the Tokyo event is doubtful -- I can still hold out hope.
Last year, I tried to get World Naked Train Ride started as an alternative. Unfortnately, I choose Oct 31, which turned out exactly to be the date that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police put out a public warning forbidding any pranks, mischievious and vandalism on the All Hallows Eve (Oct 31). They were out in large numbers to patrol this sole little WNTR (on the Yamanote subway train) was confined to the gay ghetto in Ni-chome Shinjuku.

I wonder what's going to happen this year?

The above WNBR photo from the London event was forwarded in a group message from: atitlan on his [ymna2] Yahoo group.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Asian Guys Freeballing - An Updated Dialogue Sept 2009

Excepts from an online dialogue about freeballing, men in Asia, and accidently exposing (to family members) Oh, those embarassing moments....


wrote: Hey, I'm from Singapore. 23 chinese. i've been freeballing since
Junior College. tats little experience in the art as compared to most
of the guys here. wanna know are there any guys from Singapore who dig
having no underwear binding your goods?

I'm now studying at uni.
I started out mornings wearing some snug jeans to school. Sometimes
when i get horny, I have major hardons. No one could see me in the back
rows and I sometimes rub my jeans under the desk. I reached that point
where I really needed to blow, but also I know its wrong and would be a
mess. It felt so good. Doing my situps nvr felt so liberating too.
Haha. Doing my chin ups was also a breeze, i could feel the wind rush
up round my cock. really quite shiok. Wonder if the guy helping me knew
a not.

seen guys walking in the heartlands and its almost certain they dont
wear undies, i mean, their bulge is quite obvious under their cotton
berms and u can almost see it swinging. Do u know what i mean? My point
is although i freeball more nowadays, i still dont dare to go out like
those guys. But i really wanna be one of those guys. Recently bought
some similar berms from the pasar malam but i'm hesitant to wear it
without undies. any Help?

freeballing is definitely a lifestyle
choice for me. never felt more liberated. only thing is how people may
view my bulging crotch whenever i get hard, especially in sch. haha.
might be fun....

====================================== Sunbuns wrote back:

guy. I'm surprised nobody has written back to congratulate you on
choosing the freeballing lifestyle. I was away from my PC since Dec 22
or I would have done so sooner.Some of the 'side-effects' you've
mentioned are pretty common and you are NOT be the first guy who gets
horny enough in long lectures to rub his cock and fantasizing about
something or somebody else. Hey, you don't even have to be freeballing
to get that way but I think the initial few weeks of fb only heightens
your awareness of your body, your cock and your sense of manhood. Keep
it up and let us know how things are coming along [pun intended].

============================ =============================

really for the msg and the motivation. I've been going without undies
all this while and am really getting the hang of it, haha, pun
intended. The only incident worth mentioning is probably that i kinda
flashed my mum the other day while dozing of on the sofa. I was wearing
those short shorts that they sell at the market and was sure i had a
semi-erection going on. What i wasnt sure was that
my erection had actually gone down my leg hole and the fabric and ride
up while i laid there. I only realise it when my mom just stood there
with her mop in one hand. Worse thing was that i got more and more
aroused when i became conscious that someone was looking. My cock
erected fully and pushed back fabric to literally reveal itself to my
mum in all its glory. And i didnt wana get up at all cause i really had
no idea how to respond. i had to wait and pretend to be dozing the
whole time til she went away before i quietly crept back to my room so
u can kinda say that my mum saw my really hard cock! Luckily she didnt
mention it at all after thatU're from? Singapore? How old are u? when
did u start freeballing?


As a teen, my Mom discovers evidence of my masturbation

well, I am not sure if you are totally embarrassed by your mom catching
you in a state of erection while freeballing or if you found it
somewhat stimulating. It was bad enough for me when I mom found the
dirty towel I had been using to wipe up cum after I masturbated (when I
was a high school student). She had evidently gone through my drawers
and found it buried at the back where I thought it was hidden. She
brought it to me later, all washed and folded, and said something like
- "it would be better to use paper tissue." I was mortified.

I'm not from Singapore, but like to travel there - although it is more
often a stopping point on the way elsewhere. I often travel and still
have business connections in Japan where I used to live. So I get to
China, Thailand, Malaysia, etc - often via Singapore (or Hong Kong).
You asked about me -- you can find some of my details and also my blog
http://www.justusboys.com/members/sunbuns99/ Actually, that is one thing I really like about the http://www.freeballing.com site - it is not generally a cruising zone - guys don't generally ask
about intimate details or look for hook-up (sexual encounters) while
posting on this site. That generally happens elsewhere - such as http://www.dudesnude.com or http://www.manhunt.net or http://www.gay.com

do find all types of men attractive - both culturally and physically.
-- I am not simply interested in one type either, but there are
certainly some great looking Asian guys. Yes, I do recognize that there
is as much physical differences between men from various regions of
Asian as there are between Latinos and Scandinavians. I am not really
sure people who haven't spent a lot of time travelling or who don't
live in as ethnically diverse places - -such as a city like Singapore,
Toronto, New York City, Honolulu, or San Francisco, or London, that
they will readily recognize physical difference between individuals
that they broadly classify as white, hispanic or asian, etc. [Look closely at the pic - the 3 guys are clearly freeballing. What's
more - you can see that the middle guy is also peek-a-boo flashing -
which I find totally hot!]

This photos (left) is of a real guy and really cute too (a Dudesnude member) - -who is an artist and model living in the US -
whose ethnic origin is Vietnamese. From his other pics, I think he must
freeball - he is sounds from this his work and his own self-description
to be a really cool guy too.

are a huge number of people of Chinese origin in Singapore, but it is
quite a diverse city-state - with many other people too. I always tell
my friends -- Singapore is the best place to enjoy "Asia for
Beginnners" - it has a very unique mix of cultures. Pic on the right is
from Andy Loh's collection on Flickr. Great looking guy into
freeballing in jeans.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WNBR 2009 London #177

I find it really exciting and terribly sexy when an Asian male will dare to go naked in public in a crowd of predominately European (in this case British people - mostly Caucasian males - but not exclusively).
In the several years I've been viewing WNBR photos, there have been few instances where a male of Asian ethnicity has been revealed.   Hot stuff!
 I can't wait to participate next year (or soon if the occasion arises).

A couple of us tried to set up a World Naked Train Ride last year on the Tokyo subway trains (they are not all underground - the Yamate (Green Circle) in on elevated tracks and at street level around Tokyo.  Unfortunately, the day we planned to hold it was Halloween. Tokyo Metro Police decided to come out in force to prevent pranks and antics (related to Halloween) so that put a damper on any chance of getting naked (or semi-nude) on the trains/subway.

We'll have to see what develops this year?  Anybody else interested and available for WNBR or WNTR in Tokyo (or elsewhere) in October?

The above amateur photograph from the World Naked Bike Ride (a street event in held in several cities worldwide) was forwarded in a Yahoo group message from: atitlan on his [ymna2] Yahoo group.

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