Monday, September 21, 2009

WNBR 2009 London 186

This is the same guy I posted a few weeks ago. He's one of the few Asian men that we have seen participating naked in the WNBR in this case in London.  I am repeating myself - but it's always great to see a brave lad -- who is one of the ethnic minorities - of course, it helps probably that the older gentlemen is giving his moral support (at least that - smile).

(Excuse the cross-posting of this blog entry).

He got a great bubble butt, too. So he probably doesn't mind the attention. If the WNBR gets held here (Tokyo) I'd stick out like a sore thumb - tall white (well tanned a little) foreign male with his skinny ass propped on a bicycle seat - what's more than are few green bushy parks in Tokyo for the participants to hide out from the crowds. So the Tokyo event is doubtful -- I can still hold out hope.
Last year, I tried to get World Naked Train Ride started as an alternative. Unfortnately, I choose Oct 31, which turned out exactly to be the date that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police put out a public warning forbidding any pranks, mischievious and vandalism on the All Hallows Eve (Oct 31). They were out in large numbers to patrol this sole little WNTR (on the Yamanote subway train) was confined to the gay ghetto in Ni-chome Shinjuku.

I wonder what's going to happen this year?

The above WNBR photo from the London event was forwarded in a group message from: atitlan on his [ymna2] Yahoo group.

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