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Sleepless on a camping trip next to hot 19-year-old Japanese twink

Sleepless on a camping trip next to hot 19-year-old Japanese twink
, September 23rd, 2005 at 07:07 PM

I don't really have a fetish about sleep, but I think a guy who is sleeping sometimes turns out to be even more sexually attractive from the very fact that he appears innocent and vulnerable. I have a recent story (posted on my blog) about getting very excited while sleeping next to a hot 19 year-old guy who had given every indication of being interested in me and my body. It was one of those long sleepness nights next to a hot man -- where you are borderlone alseep but mostly awake and trying every which way to cop a feel,
grab some ass or put your stiff prick up next to his crack. I don't really think Tai was so innocent because of his mannerisms, and the way he contrived the circumstances, but I did manage to respect his vulnerability  - although if he really WAS awake for part of my ministrations, he certainly is wiser in the ways of male-male bonding -- especially when sleeping to an older man in a camp cabin.

I have just returned from a camping trip with some students at the institution where I am an instructor. This is a annual fall camp-out. This time there wasa group of 7 m/f and all over 18. It was a school outing, but camping often seems to bring out the primary instincts - horniness. 

One freshmen guy named Tai was along who seemed a bit overly interested in me.

I had no intentions of encouraging him, but he would not give up. Even before we took an evening hike, he and his buddy were asking if we would be back in time to take a shower. The campground had coin operated showers.As the hike leader, I made sure we got back before the camp staff closed them for the evening (10:30pm). The two guys asked me if I was going to shower too, so I agreed. It appears they arranged for me to be between them.

Tai got in first, but before his 3 minutes was up, he called out to say that I could come in a get started. He "helped" get my things arranged while he stood there in the nude. He took my clothes as I undressed; he was standing the small dressing area outside the shower area.
Note: The photo on th e left is one of this blog author:
 I got the strong impression that he was really just trying to get a good look at me in the nude --
he did not really shut the sliding door fully, but keep it open a few inches, and kept pull it back further to ask if the water was all right or to hand me my shampoo.
{Note:  The photo on the left shows what I wanted to do to the young Japanese twink I was sleeping next to that night.} 
He seemed to be taking a long time to get dressed. Although it sounded like a good way to save coins stacking us up to use it in quick rotation -- my instincts told me that Tai had conceived of this plan to get a gander at my goodies. He even sent his buddy to fetch something back at the cabin - thus giving him some extra time to chat me up innocently. Of course, I got a semi-hard on -- not too obvious because I really
was not trying to seduce him, but he HAD gone to a bit of maneuvering to get to see my cock -- so I did not grab a towel -- but let him get a good look.
Well, I know this is about fooling around with sleeping guys -- so I am getting to that.

The eight of us were sharing the same cabin-- which has simple mats for the floor instead of beds.After the showering "incident," I was eager to see where Tai would place his mat. Sure enough, after the card game that ended around midnight, he was pulling up his mat and pillow right next to me in the corner of room. His buddy was on his right and I was on his left next to the wall. 
Like other JUBers might think too, when I am in bed with a strange man, I just CANNOT get to sleep easily. Since Tai has seemed to make it clear that he wanted something from me or was interested in me (like being his daddy -- not just sexual either - I am not sure he is out at all -- which can be a very awkward - if not risky situation). To cut a too long story short, I was up all night and my cock was most up too. Tai tossed and turned, but he did appear to be really a sleep. I am not his instructor, but I work at the institution he attends, so I was not going to do anything forced or coercive.
But I certainly had plenty of opportunity to get nudged and sort of hugged by him (front and back). I did my share of hugging, rubbing and innocently  placing my hand near his crotch and lean into his rounded butt. At one point, I really thought I was going to cum and was leaking pre-cum copiously.

My cock went right up the crack of his ass and our gentle but regular breathing created a erotic rhythm that was about to drive me over the edge. But I don't think he was not really "into" having sex -- probably he does not know what he wants and it is not my place to bring him to any further conscious realization about whether he does or not -- -- so I did not take any actions that could not be construed as just innocent "bumps." He was both heaven and hell. 
The experience is something I'll remember for a long time to come.

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Gay Nude Beaches - Let's make a guide

Switzerland : Zurich 
Original posting: hornyswiss
20 Nov 2008, 07:19
let's make a gay-nude-beaches guide here!
which gay-nude-beach do you know?

1. name
2. place
3. state/country (how to find)

Canada : British Columbia : Vancouver 
Follow up: Matthew1
20 Nov 2008, 12:27
Sandy Bay
Cape Town

Drive along the Atlantic Coast from Cape Town towards Hout Bay. You will see a sign directing you to the seaside community of Llandudno. There are two beaches...Llandudno and Sandy Bay. Follow the signs. Parking limited. The beach is about a 15 min. walk from the car park

Wreck Beach
Vancouver, BC

A huge beach and very popular. You can buy almost anything on the, trinkets, alcohol, etc...

Access is via a steep set of stairs. Its near the University of BC. A must when visitng Vancouver in summer.

Switzerland : Zurich 
Follow up: hornyswiss
22 Nov 2008, 06:59
thanks. anybody else into gay-nude-beaches with some hot tipps around the world? 

France : Paris 
age: 51
Follow up: crotchguy
22 Nov 2008, 14:17
Beach Number 7
Between Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés
Gran Canaria island (part of Spain, off the coast of southern Morocco)

Part of a huge beach stretching for miles, with something for everyone. There's non-nude, straight nude and gay nude. Also, endless sand dunes for cruising buck naked...

South Africa :Johannesburg 
age: 39
Follow up: cocktails6
22 Nov 2008, 19:47

Ohla Du Boi

Buzios is just over a 2 hour drive from Rio and a great holiday town. If your in Rio spend a few days there.Go to Bravo beach look for the footpath at the far right - Follow this up the hill then back down again - Its a shit walk but well worth the while when you see all those huge brazilian cocks swinging around and there's always action up on the rocks. Just take your own refreshments - there is a guy selling there but he's 4 x more expensive than anywhere else.

Australia : Melbourne 
Follow up: DiamondDog
22 Nov 2008, 19:54
Kings Beach
Byron Bay
Australia... google the Pink guide and you can read up on it ;)

Follow up: w1_guy
23 Nov 2008, 05:10
Cap D;Agde, South of France, Totally nude village, lots of straight sex on the beach and women giving bad blow jobs!
Follow up: w1_guy
23 Nov 2008, 05:11
Cap D'Agde 

Spain : Madrid
Follow up: Thurso
24 Nov 2008, 21:41
Calblanque in Murcia, Spain. A gay paradise, near Cartagena.

U.S.A. : Pennsylvania
Follow up: CMark987
25 Nov 2008, 00:12
Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown, massachusetts USA

Haulover Beach, in South Beach Florida USA (although this is for both gay & straight)
Spain : Madrid 
Follow up: Thurso
25 Nov 2008, 01:50
And here is a picture
Canada : Toronto 
Follow up: JTinTO
25 Nov 2008, 04:10
Hanlon's Point, Toronto. Legal nude beach on one of the islands in the harbour, right downtown.

Not just a gay beach, straight people go there too. Lots of action happening in the showers and in the dunes and bushes.

Netherlands : Amsterdam 
Follow up: tizio
25 Nov 2008, 05:08
Es Trenc beach
Ses Covettes
Mallorca, Spain

U.S.A. : New York 
Follow up: otter8
28 Nov 2008, 14:48
Went to Blacks Beach IN San Diego recently. It was amazing.

Follow up: gym_cut
28 Nov 2008, 15:01
South City Beach, Perth Australia.

Down the tracks off Challenger Parade at City Beach. Some fun in the dunes usually

U.K. : LONDON : Marylebone
Follow up: cub4u
28 Nov 2008, 23:20
1. name Playa de S. Andreu
2. place Barcelona
3. state/country (how to find) Ask around, it is in the city.

1. name Playa de la Mar Bella
2. place Barcelona
3. state/country (how to find) Walk up the beach from leissure port (Hotel Arts) for about 20 minutes and you'll find it.

1. name Playa del Muerto
2. place Sitges (Barcelona - Spain)
3. state/country (how to find) Walk south along the beach form the city centre for about 45 minutes and you'l find it you need to go up a hill and then down it is a good walk not far form the town so you can ask about everybody knows it.

Slovenia : Ljubljana
Follow up: jrkl
29 Nov 2008, 16:33
lots of them in Croatia, Europe 

Illinois : Chicago 
Follow up: JOBudNkd
30 Nov 2008, 03:20
L'Espiguette, not far from Montpellier, France.

U.S.A. : New York 
Follow up: blissboy
30 Nov 2008, 06:05

U.K. : LONDON : Stratford 
Follow up: seaview
03 Dec 2008, 07:40
Name = Studland (yes really).
Place = Dorset.
Country = England.

U.S.A. : New York
Follow up: thickhard
04 Dec 2008, 15:07
Just to clarify blissboy's posting on Red Hook - I assume he meant Sandy Hook, New Jersey, since Red Hook is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, which has no beach that I know of. Sandy Hook is part of Gateway National Park and has one section that is heavily gay and clothing optional. As I recall, you take the ferry from downtown Manhattan and then start walking. And walking. And walking. The clothing optional area is a good 30-40 minute walk (at a Manhattanite pace) at the very Northern tip of the beach. There are signs which clearly mark the beginning and end of the clothing optional area and beware the park rangers; they don't appreciate fooling around in the bushes.

Other suggestion.
Name= Turtle Cove
Place = just north of Cairns, Australia
How to get there = its a private beach in the middle of the rainforest, with a clothing optional gay men only resort dropped as if from heaven. Just google Turtle Cove Resort. Definitely worth the trip if you are doing the barrier reef area anyway. FUN FUN FUN!

Spain : Andalucía : Rota 
Follow up: xuloderota
06 Dec 2008, 20:03
It is a gorgeous isolated beach with pine trees, bushes and white sand dunes: besides, there is a military base not far and some military men enjoy cruising there.

India : Maharashtra : Pune
Follow up: sunnyboy1
12 Dec 2008, 04:16
I am surprised that no one suggested following beaches....

Bonny Doom Beach
15 north of Santa Cruz on Hwy 1

San Gregorian Beach
Junction of hwy 1 & hwy 84 north of santa Cruz

Baker Beach
Near golden gate bridge
San Francisco CA USA

Australia : New South Wales : Port Macquaire
Follow up: PortGuy23
12 Dec 2008, 04:34
Miners Beach
Port Macquarie
NSW Australia

U.S.A. : New York
Follow up: gaynaked
12 Dec 2008, 14:09
Sandy Hook - not for nothing, thickhard - but there is a ferry from Manhattan to Sandy Hook which is met by a bus that will drop you right at the path down the nude beach at Sandy Hook - for me, downtown, it's roughly an hour and ten minutes, most of which is spent on a delightful boat, from my door to be naked on the beach in summer time.

U.S.A. : California : San Diego
Follow up: JettaBrat*
19 Dec 2008, 14:19
we've got blacks beach in san diego, ca...and we have san onofre also. neither are like 100% gay but the percentage is high and the dudes are HOT

Spain : Valencia : Alicante
Follow up: jotasb
22 Dec 2008, 06:02
In Spain we have nice nude gay beaches... I live near a good gay beach in Alicante (mediterranean sea). I usually go to the nude beach in summer time, or now in wintertime, if the sun is shining.

U.K. : Yorkshire : Hull
Follow up: cockfunx2
23 Dec 2008, 07:42
Lady Jane in Sydney. Get the bus to Watson's Bay from Circular Quay loads of crusing in the rocks.

Obelisk Beach in Sydney. Need to drive follow signs for Chowder Bay from Mosman. Loads of crusing in the bush above the beach.

Indonesia : Java : Jakarta

Follow up: hotmale_01
23 Dec 2008, 08:59
Ganesha Beach
Denpasar - Bali
Seminyak Area (from Kuta Beach walk to Seminyak Beach)


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