Friday, January 24, 2014

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Toys and Boys: PeterFever's newest porn video

PeterFever: Toys and Boys - Whip Me

PeterFever: Toys and Boys - Whip Me
I got all the guys together to play a little game; one that will bring our bond closer while expanding our sexual horizons. The guys will then choose someone they want to explore a new sex toy with. There are 4 choices: a crop, handcuffs, a butt plug, and a gag. Which one will they choose?
I eyed Jayden across the room. I could already feel the tension building. The riding crop brought back some memories from boarding school when I use to get spanked for being a bad boy.
Watch Jayden Ellis explore Robin Cadiz's body and teach him today's lesson in spanking in this week's episode, "Toys and Boys - Whip Me".
PeterFever: Toys and Boys - Whip Me

Island Studs: Yoshi

Island Studs: Yoshi
18 year old Hawaiian/Japanese surfer Yoshi is a totally smooth ripped athletic High School gymnast. Weight training hard since grade school, Yoshi currently pumps iron 6 times a week,surfs daily and was the Captain of his High School and College gymnastic teams.
Island Studs: Yoshi
Friendly and a little bit shy, Yoshi explains that he is slightly nervous for his first time naked on film. This straight jock is pleased to show off his great naturally smooth body for Island Studs.


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