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I'm a married man who loves men - especially those not of my race

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Thai Treats THAI TREATS Wow, was I ever thrilled! My dad asked me if I wanted to join him on his business trip to Thailand for 3 weeks in the summer! Man, I love to travel and had just read about it and its varied culture and countryside in our Geography class. But also was torn too, because I was now 14 and wanted to spend the summer with friends, especially my new boyfriend Andy.

Yes I call him that because I'm pretty sure I'm gay. I've been struggling with identification for the last
year or so and haven't come out yet. It was a last minute thing, one of my father's co-workers had to cancel and the company told my dad I could use the ticket. Yippee! The problem though, was we were only given 2 days' notice. He was all ready but I had to run around, and luckily I had a passport from earlier vacations but had to get vaccinated and mom wanted me to have new clothes because I would be meeting some of dad's associates. You know... mothers. But the biggest disappointment for me personally, was that Andy was at his grandma's for a week and I wouldn't be able to have a blowoff goodbye.

We had finally consummated our friendship with an oral bond just once, a mere three day ago, the taste still fresh in my mouth. And his cock, yes, the feel of that hard cock sliding on my tongue for the first time, still titillating me but tearing at me to stay and not go. And as you well know, at almost 14, that member of the body becomes the most important one, on you and on others, receiving the most focus and interest, consuming a lot of time, and determining who, how and when you relate to another one. Well, maybe still to you too... And I phoned his cell, left a message, sent a text, and needless to say, all to no avail and very disappointing. It was difficult to sleep that night before, Bangkok on my mind, and Andy in my hand. Yes, since I couldn't give him a live blowoff, I made a fantasy goodbye, based on some reality.

 I had gone through all the prepubescent usual coming of age, playing doctor with the local boys and girls. Then that onrush of puberty, anxiously awaiting my turn. I had joined a friend to watch his cousin and his friend whack off, their humongous boners (well humongous to us at that time, remember?) squirting gooey 'cum'. Then madly whacking ourselves or a friend till one by one we got off, our own initial gooey cums. I was an early bloomer with the biggest dick, so they enjoyed workin' my wang and I was the second 'offer', but enjoyed whacking the others as they inevitably came on stream and offed too. But eventually they faded away as pussies took over for pricks. Like I said, I was a little lonely, queers being in the minority, not much action, not many to hang with, and coming out a big decision, but then I met Andy.

 Ah yes, Andy. He was taller than me, real skinny with glasses, curly black hair and very shy. And for
whatever reason, and I don't know why, I was attracted to him and after a while, found he liked me. So we did the usual trading of backgrounds, likes and dislikes and also I was testing for that important interest which was finally verified when his eyes dropped several times as mine had been doing. Great! Then with our touching, and his tightening when I dropped my wrist down on his solid bulge while playing the computer. Then the clothed teasing and I just about shit when he invited me to a sleepover! I guess you call him a real sleeper. The shower before bed surprised me where we fell in love with each other's' love sticks. We did a lot of kissing and had our first glorious mutual masturbation, which we continued for several weeks and then, being a little hesitant at first, he finally let me blow his rocks off. Oh, sweet nectar... But he was still indecisive about taking that step on me. 

Oops, forgot I've been stroking myself while I'm telling you this, and I'm ready, so I'll just lube up my throbber, my palm, forefinger and thumb and get back to the farewell fantasy. I'm pinching my thumb against my forefinger so they were like a pair of lips (not a cunt) and put them against my knob, palm facing out, then push them down, squeezing my knob between, then onto the shaft, then down and the knob runs along my palm like it's a mouth. A little different from the way you fucked your hand I bet, but a vivid Imagination is a queer`s best friend when you're still in the closet, right? I picture his lips and hot mouth sucking, sucking me off and bam! I have a great cummy, shimmy, shake, the whole works. Thanks Andy, you're the best! Whew. Now, on to Thailand! We took off, the trip really exciting and Bangkok (We chuckled when we first heard it when we were 12, because that's what we used to do to each other...) was awesome, so much energy, millions of bright lights and wild colours. They also had a room reserved and since they got a special group price, they had to keep it, bonus!

Dad said I could use it too, a place all of my own! I felt like King Shit, let me tell you! I was finally all settled in by the second day, what with the jet lag and familiarizing myself with the hotel, the restaurant, putting my clothes away and all that, and was anxious to get started exploring. And I must say, it was exhilarating in our area, the crowds, the buildings, the stores and if I must say, was almost overwhelming. The next day I decided to try the pool so put on my surfer shorts and headed down. I was surprised and happy when I noticed a Thai boy lounging down the deck a ways. Man he was drop dead gorgeous! Holy shit! You know where my interests lie, eh? Like yours... Slight of build, smooth light vanilla skin and shiny black hair in bangs. He looked about 13 too which would be great, then my Johnny tingled when my eyes dropped down to the bikini, no, more like a tiny thong, the contents of which belied that age. Eventually I was to find them all looking younger than they actually were. He caught me glancing and returned a slight smile, which embarrassed me, but just then a tall freckle faced boy about 18, red haired, buck teeth and thick glasses came in and smiled at him. They seemed to know each other as he stood over him and chatted, then took something out of his pocket and gave it to Thaiboy. Thaiboy ran his wrist down the pouch in his thong and I noticed the redhead's boxers seemed to start tenting. Wow! Hmmm... Interesting... The Thai nodded and got up and took Red's hand and started leading him into the change rooms and holy shit! Naturally I stared at his ass, that other area of interest and it was a thong! A string one at that, the string disappearing down in the crack between two gloriously bare vanilla buns! Holy shit again! And just as they were about to enter, he looked over his shoulder and shot me a warm smile this time! I just about melted, thinking he hadn't really noticed me that much. Jeez I got that warning tingle that my sleeping friend was now awake and interested, so I quickly dove in the water to cool him off a bit.

Whew! That's better... I did a few lengths to keep my mind from fantasizing too much, then climbed out, looked down, and seeing no indication that my mind was still wandering, flopped back down on the chaise. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Thai come out with Red. Thai was relaxed, but Red was kinda nervous, minus tent, as they knuckle bumped and Red hustled away. I figured Thai
would too, but he started over to me, smiling! Holy, holy shit again! Please don't bone up and embarrass me I whispered to myself and rose up in a sitting position, just in case, as he approached and stood over me, pouch at eye level which I ignored for safety's sake. "Hey I`m Phoc, Phoc Lue, how are you?" and I just about choked on the name, not knowing how it was spelt because the C is hard so it sounded like Fuck, Fuck Lou. Gawd he was gorgeous, even more so up close. So smooth, that shiny black hair, haunting black eyes with big lashes, full pouting lips, slight in build, a little shorter than me, and the important part even better up close. I dared not look down at it, just caught it with peripheral glances. Gawd! Tingle, tingle.... "Er... hey, yeah... er... I'm Josh, I'm good" "You're beautiful" What? Jeez, that really floored me, coming out of left field, how do you respond to that? 

Well maybe my description might help you decide. I had what you could call a 'Surfer' look. The ubiquitous, tanned body, curly sun bleached blond hair, Beiber cute, including sparkling green eyes and full lips, ya, you know what they are good for. The rest of me I will describe if and when we get to that stage, hopefully. I stumbled, weakly replying, "Er... thanks..." He nodded, "You like boys?" 

Double whammy! I squirmed, quite uncomfortable, so he helped me out, "I do. I love you" Wha... Man this is fastest hit I've ever had on me! It was great though, speeds up the matching, so again, still a little unsure of this, but what the heck, I'm not a home, "Ya, I like you too" "Good. You have chlorine on you. We shower now, I wash you good. You do me too if you like" Yikes, you're not too shy now, cut right to the quick! His eyes dropped down to the tent my waking friend was now making, "He happy I gonna clean him, make him cleaner" and chuckled for the first time. He took my hand and led me over to his chaise where he picked up his bag and led us into the change room. It had a couple shower stalls and we went straight into the large handicapped one with doors and he locked it and dropped his kit on the bench. My mouth went dry, my heart started pounding, so, you might say I was really nervous. But I tried to be cool, "You... aren't staying here?" and oh, my straining dick was vibrating now. "No, just work" and put his hands on his hips and looked down at his pouch, "well, you looked at it lot, now take out prize" Jeez my mind is an open book to him. I was really hurting and dicky was ringing now, so I threw all discretion aside, caving into my carnal cravings, seceding to that hormonal onslaught, whew, then simply undid the string on the side of his thong and it just dropped down along with the pouch and I wasn't disappointed! A thick dick, a little darker than his body skin, as were his large uptight nuts, and it was semi, about 5 1/2" but was on the rise up to about 6".

 Not sure if he shaved but his pubes were very smooth anyway. When I skinned his hoody back off
the large node under it, a beauty of a knob slid out, shiny with a long taper, not a light pink like mine, but more light brown like his skin colour is, and his balls were nice and firm, smooth, big an uptight, a great wad chamber. Fuck I was so hard man, it felt like my dick was gonna tear through the cloth to surface and get some air as he reached over and squeezed its tent! I didn't react, I might have before, but I was enjoying this, completely forgetting Andy now. Sorry Andy. Then he worked mine down and finally, relief as it snapped up, vibrating like a tuning fork and he raised his brow as he wrapped his fist around it, "Holy pig! So big. Must be 20 -21 cm, oh, almost 8" in America". I never liked to be naked around any guys because it attracted attention and I was a little shy, but sure glad he liked it. And he was dead on, obviously a connoisseur, the last time Andy measured it (bet you hsve too) it was 7 3/4", and he was into math, using ruler and calipers. Straight, 20 degrees off vertical when hard, diameter 1 1/2", knob length 1 3/4", knob flare 1 3/4" diameter, left nad 1 1/4 " and down 3", right nad 1" and down 2 3/4"and best squirt shot, only once, throat, 12". Oh and bush trimmed and shaped 1 X 3 1/2" blond rectangle. Yes, he was into math, enjoying measuring it, but not orallyling it, yet.

 "Beauty cock! But you not American?" I tilted my head, "No, why do you ask?" "American, Muslim and Jew cut end of dick off, look ugly" then slid the skin down on my shaft, rolling my hoody off, "See, nice and juicy, tasty, not all wrinkly, must taste now" He bent over and molested my throbber and he was good, swiping his tongue up the underside of my tender tip as I reacted by grabbing his offending orb by the hair, squeezing it, then he teased with a tongue swirl and followed by slipping his lips over the tip, and sucking on it a couple times. Wow, he was good, real good. Too good. He rose up and licked his lips, "Ver good, now you try Thai treat?"

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