Monday, October 31, 2016

Bentley Race: Vino Rainz

Bentley Race: Vino Rainz

A couple of weeks ago during a weekend trip to New Zealand Ben met this very cute Indonesian called Vino Rainz. He is travelling the world and currently staying in New Zealand. Ben saw his pics and thought he looked pretty dam cute. And it turned out he was staying in a hotel very close to his. He’s really cute in real life too.
Bentley Race: Vino Rainz
His hair is still wet in this shoot because we had started taking photos in the bathroom prior to taking these shots. Vino starts out doing a strip tease on the bed and the chair. Then he pulls those thigh high socks right up for some cheeky naked photos out on the balcony. This hotel has got a great view of Auckland’s Sky Tower, so Ben got a few cheeky photos of him stark naked in front of the tower. Vino Rainz is super fit and even though it was a dull rainy day in Auckland, his photos look great!
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