Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sean Cody: Benjamin (3)

Sean Cody: Benjamin (3)

Benjamin was really excited to be shooting with Sean Cody and was pretty open to whatever they had planned for him.
“There is one thing that I want to try.”
“Oh yeah, what’s that?” Sean Cody asked.
Benjamin got a little nervous and an adorable smile snuck up on him.
“I’ve never tried any sex toys. I figure when in Rome, might as well give it a shot!”
“Don’t worry we have some stuff back at the studio that I think you will really like.”
Sean Cody: Benjamin (3)
Benjamin has been out for a while but still really likes the whole idea of getting with a straight guy. Turns out that’s actually one of the reasons why he is such a huge fan of the site.
“It’s almost like taboo and it makes the whole adventure a little more exciting. Straight guys are more of a challenge. I like it!”
11 APR 16 BY KEN

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