Friday, September 19, 2014

Fwd: [____> 男 Otoko -The Japanese Male] Asian College Boys

Subject: Asian College Boys

My first Asian crush was on a nerdy Asian college boy.
So exciting was the first time for school to end and fun to begin

He was a shy boy in school
His cute nose usually buried in a book
But when I got him home to help him study
I was really thinking about something else

My heart beating fast, I would make the first move
Covering it up with a joke, but hoping he would let me go further
Slipping my hands under his white button shirt to feel the smooth body
and getting closer to him so I could smell his warm breath

Finally, the magic would begin with a kiss
The most sweet and passionate lips I could have dreamed for
Studies forgotten and passions unravelled
As our clothes fell to the floor

His face was like an angel as his tongue worked up and down my shaft
The stress of the world around me fading away into ecstacy
I'll never forget that feeling of his ass slowly absorbing me for the first time
The ass so smooth, the hole so juicy, completely swallowing my passions whole

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