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Toshiro and James - interracial sex play

This story is about two consenting, interracial, male adults engaged in a
sexual situation. Similarity to any persons is purely coincidental, and
this story should be only considered as fantasy (hopefully good fantasy.)
Always play safe! If you are offended by the idea of an Asian man having
sex with a African American man, please read something more fitting to your
taste - Please enjoy my story otherwise, and drop me a line. This is my
first Piece of Erotica. Domingo - Salsatronic (at)

This story first appeared on Nifty Archives:

Toshiro and James
By Domingo

Toshiro was excited to be finally going to school in the States. The
chance to be away from Japan, his Father and get an education in something
he really liked made school seem more like a relief than a burden.

The campus was new and was surrounded by construction and plenty of
traffic. Every morning he made his was down by bus and caught up with
friends that were on their way to class. It was that one day that the bus
was late that he finally met him.

The bus stuttered along and Toshiro looked over the seats at the
traffic backed up because of a dump truck in the street. He let out a big
sigh and flopped back in the seat.

"Traffics a bitch, ain't it?" said a voice from nearby. In the
seat across from him sat a black guy with shaved head and skin as rich as
dark chocolate. He smiled and waited for Toshiro to respond from his

"I'm late for class. I've never been late before." Stuttered
Toshiro. He turned back and faced forward, trying to keep from a
conversation. As the bus pulled up, he grabbed his backpack and headed for
the door.

"See ya." Escaped from the broad toothy grin and he watched Toshiro
quickly exit the bus.

All day long, though all his classes, Toshiro thought of that
smile. The thick soft lips and the smooth dark skin all seem to be there
in his mind. He hadn't felt quite so preoccupied since he was home and was
with his friend there. Part of his coming to school was to keep him from
dishonoring his father again, and to separate him from his friend. And now
he was fantasizing about some guy he saw on a bus. He had to pull it

The week came and went and Friday was very welcome. Toshiro had
caught up on his assignments for the weekend during study hall, and planned
to go out to the clubs with some friends for some dancing and drinks. He
Climbed up onto the bus and happily sat down for his ride home. They
Rumbled along and the bus slowed for a stop.

There he was at the stop, and Toshiro didn't know what to do. He
decided to play it cool and relax. Maybe the guy wouldn't notice him and
he would just sit up front. Instead, he smiled and walked down the aisle,
passing Toshiro. His heart fell as he realized that he wasn't smiling at
him, but another guy in the back that he knew. He frowned and pulled a
book out of his bag and ignored the ride.

When Toshiro rang the bell for his stop, he piled out and started
to walk, when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you dropped this."
Apparently he had dropped his paperback and running up to him was the
guy. "I figured you'd wanna finish it at least." He panted as he jogged up
to Toshiro. He smiled and finally asked him "What's your name?"

"I'm James, what's yours?" and he extended his hand out to Toshiro.

Gripping his hand firm, he said "I'm Toshiro. Thanks for bringing my book
to me."

"You live around here?" asked James, catching his breath and trying
to smile.

"Yeah, just up the way. How about you?"

"I live on North side. I have a house up there that I'm fixing up.
It was my Grandmothers place."

Toshiro looked him over and thought for a moment, and then smiled.
"Why did you go to such trouble to return my book?"

"Oh, hey. It was no trouble at all. I just wanted to, well I mean
that I thought I could just. Hell, I'm no good at this." James sputtered.

"Do you want to come over to my place?" Asked Toshiro. With a
sigh, James Smiled

"Yes. Yes I want to come over to your place."

Without another word, they went up to the building and up to his
apartment. As soon as they were in the door, Toshiro pulled James close by
his coat and kissed him deeply. With James at 6'1 and Toshiro at 5'5", it
seemed odd to him to have to look up and kiss a man. James ran his hands
over Toshiro's strong chest and down to his thin, tapered waist. Buttons
and zippers opened and clothes were pushed aside so that their skin touched
and tongues dug furiously. In the darkened entry of the apartment, they
fell to the floor, tangled and sweating. Toshiro finally undid his belt
and pushed his pants down. His cock sprang out, rock hard, and slapped
against his belly. James followed his example and pushed his pants away,
grabbing Toshiro's hand and putting it on his cock. As Toshiro massaged
his cock, James moaned and kissed him deeper, stroking his ass and hips and
jacking his dick.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Said Toshiro as he tightened his grip on
James's cock and jacked him slowly. James fell back on the floor, wet with
sweat and out of breath, and Toshiro jumped up and led the way to the room.

Toshiro pushed James back onto the bed and began to lick and chew
the dark brown nipples. James groaned deep and gripped Toshiro's head,
pulling him from left to right, and eventually leading him down to his
dick. Toshiro stared at James's cock, 8 inches and very thick and cut.
His hand glided up and down for a few strokes and then he finally put the
head into his mouth. He sucked madly as his hands jacked and twisted at
the thick meat. James bucked up, trying to get more into his mouth, But
Toshiro had both hands jacking and twisting at the same time as his saliva
became thick and slippery. Just before James thought he could take no
more, Toshiro slowed down and released his cock. His hands softly rubbed
over his balls and cock, and down to his ass.

He moved up to kiss James, wet with spit and sweat. His tongue
tasted like cock and precum.

James hoarsely whispered, "Let me fuck you." Toshiro grinned and then

"I will if you will."

James reached down to squeeze Toshiro's uncut cock. He was 7 inches and
hard as steel, and was more than happy for the moment to fuck James's

"Let me fuck you first, then you can have my ass for as long as you
like. If you fuck me with that big, black dick first, then I'll get off
and then I won't want to fuck."

James could feel Toshiro's hot breath against his ear as he spoke,
and he finally gave in, rolling over on his stomach to reveal his beautiful
round ass. Toshiro kissed his neck and shoulders and down the arch of his
back, till he reached the two brown mounds of ass. His fingertips gently
followed the graceful curves, and then gripping each cheek, he slowly
leaned in and dug his tongue up into James's hot ass.

The sweet tang of sweat and funk rose up into Toshiro's nose and
brought on a fierce passion that drove him wild. Deeper and deeper he dug,
until the tip of his tongue stroked against the tight pucker of James's
asshole. He could tell that James was fresh from the shower and he could
smell the talc and cologne on his smooth skin. James pushed back and
groaned as the hot tongue slathered his ass and left his crack wet and
slick. Slowly, he felt fingers probe his ass and stroke in and out. He
moaned into the pillow and humped the bedspread in a slow, sensuous grind.
Toshiro could take no more.

Grabbing the lube and rubbers from the nightstand, he drizzled the
slick lube over the beautiful ass and slowly stroked in all the puddles
past the goose bumps and into the dark ass crack. Pushing slow and steady,
the ridged prick sunk slowly into James, ending with his balls against the
smooth ass and his chest resting gently on the broad, black back. It
started slowly, but Toshiro started grinding harder, and raising his ass to
stroke the gripping hole. He grabbed the firm hips and started to lengthen
his strokes, starting softly and building into a steady rhythm, until it
was a slow but solid thrust, making a resounding slap as he pounded the
beautiful ass.

James moaned and called out, and the more he responded, the faster that
Toshiro would stroke, until the slapping noise was fast and wet. Sweat
beaded on Toshiro's brow and his grip became stronger as he put all of his
strength into making love to the hot, moist hole that seemed to match every
stroke, and grip him tight. He felt so close, but wanted to ride on the
wave of the nearing orgasm.

James finally collapsed on the bed, his knees and arms giving out through
the sheer intensity. Laughing and euphoric, he turned and pulled Toshiro
close to kiss him. Nearly panting, he whispered "My turn yet?"

Toshiro looked into his eyes, and with a devilish grin grabbed the lube.
He tuned his ass to face James and sucked the thick cock, while James
slowly stroked his ass and fingered globs of lube into the tight pink
hole. His thumb sunk in and pulled out slowly, followed by his index
finger, followed by the other. Little by little, he stretched and fingered
the twitching hole, while Toshiro grunted and pushed his body back to meet
the long black fingers. Finally, he pulled away and stood up, straddling
James on the bed, his ass high above. James noticed that at some point
Toshiro had slipped a rubber on his cock, and now it stood tall and ready.
Stepping forward, Toshiro squatted down with his back to James and grabbed
the throbbing knob, putting it against his ass. James watched, as if
hypnotized, as inch by inch of his cock was swallowed by Toshiro's ass.

Toshiro held his position for a moment before slowly raising up and
dropping himself down faster the second time. The ass ring of skin gripped
the thick black cock and drug along as he raised his ass nearly to the
head, right before he would quickly descend to the dense black bush. He
reached back and took James's hand and put it on the hot cock, letting him
run his fingers over the tightly stretched hole and grab at his balls.
James finally grabbed Toshiro's waist and rolled them over on the bed
together. With his dick still deep in Toshiro's ass, he decided to give
him the fuck of his life.

Toshiro came up to his elbows and arched his back, getting the full
stroke deep and slow. James had a slow and sexy way of fucking that his
lover back home could never seem to master, and they both shined with sweat
as James pumped his ass. He finally worked his way onto his side and then
eventually on to his back. Breathing heavy, he stared intensely into
James's face. "Cum on me. Shoot it all over me."

James, with a wild look in his eyes, started fucking faster, heaving and
gasping as Toshiro jacked his still hard cock. James gripped Toshiro's
ankles harder as he ground his teeth tight, eyes clenched and sweat poured
off his body onto the naked body below him. Suddenly, gasping and grabbing
at his cock, he ripped the rubber off and jacked furiously. Growling and
yelling out, thick spurts of pungent cum flew across Toshiro's body,
spraying over his chest, hitting his chin and spilling out over his cock.
Toshiro pounded his dick trying to take it all in, when suddenly James
stuffed 2 fingers up his ass. Toshiro's body rattled and thrashed as arc
after arc of what seemed like rain shot into the air and scattered itself
on the bedspread and sprayed up over his chest and face.

James collapsed on top of Toshiro, his face in the crook of his neck,
breathing hard. Toshiro noticed something wet, and then realized that
James was licking the loads off his neck and working his way around to the
other side of his face. James licked and sucked, catching every bit of the
loads in his mouth, licking up more until his mouth dripped heavy with
white gooey strands. Looking deep into the beautiful eyes, Toshiro stared
for a moment, only to pull James close and dig his tongue deep into the cum
filled mouth of his new lover.

Written by David H. / AKA Domingo
Copyright 2002. All Rights Reserved.
This story may not be displayed on webssites or redistributed on
mailinglists without explicit consent from the author.

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