Monday, January 30, 2012

Kurosawa: Slim Asian body loves takes huge dildos up his ass

I'm Kurosawa. I'm a guy who loves a good ass pounding. I have a couple of large dildos which I love to go all the way down on.

My profile:

I always loved videos of anal sex and masturbation but in a lot of these vids, most people could rarely take large dildos all the way down. So instead of waiting for others to do it, I decided to make my own videos featuring true anal poundage!

Here are his videos: A video of my nice round bottom sliding up and down my 10.5 in dildo




Taking all of my 10.5 inch dildo into my ass, hard and fast.


Description: More ass slapping goodness as I bang my anus hard with my red dildo.


Wanted to get some fisting action in a video. I do it fairly regularly but haven't gotten it on tape until now.



I was really feeling in the mood during this one, and I go a bit crazy on my 8.5 inch red dildo.



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