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24 Kaikan is the all-male gay sauna and hotel in Tokyo

24 Kaikan discussion ended a quite while ago, but people re-read these posts looking for useful info so I thought I'd add mine updated info again now.

24 Kaikan is the all-male gay sauna and hotel at 3 location in Tokyo. The newest one is located in Shinjuku, very near to the famous Ni-chome gay district.

The site in English is:

More info on Gay Tokyo is available at:

0) 24 Kaikan also has storage lockers for rent (separately from the one you get once inside) right inside and to the right once you enter on the 2F.
They would probably keep a large suitcase for you in the office (even if you aren't checking into the hotel) as long as you buy an entrance ticket. (I have seen some foreigners drop off a suitcase and going back out to eat or tend to business/sightsee).
Just so you will know - in case all the rooms are booked -- there are a couple of small hotels and capsule hotels nearby.

Cost of entrance is 2400 yen for 14 hours (with extra for each hour of overtime after that-- 200 yen / hour - if I'm not mistaken). For daytime only visits, you can pay just 2000 yen if you leave by 4:00pm.

1) There are several types of private rooms for both singles or doubles (a couple), most have Japanese futons, but they may also a room with an actual bed, I believe the cheapest single is about 5800 yen per night with no bath (the whole third floor is a giant bath tub (like a small swimming pools except only 1/2 deep), and multiple shower stalls with glory holes between, sling room, dr (also with dry sauna, steam sauna, dark rooms, jacuzzi, cold water bath)

3) Miscellaneous (little known) info about 24-Kaikan

There is a roof-top sunning space at least two of the 24-Kaikan gay sauna / hotels. The one
in Shinjuku is nice and also convenient. You are NOT supposed to be completely nude while sunning on top of the 7th floor. There are two surveillance video cams, but if you place yourself strategically out of camera view, you can get completely naked and also erect. There is not sexual play allowed because of the neighboring buildings, but the shower area is enclosed. Obviously, if you're horny, you can avail yourself of the many men who have a taste for white cock and ass.

I was there yesterday and the guy lying across from me was totally erect under his extremely small swimsuit.
I usually just wear the little hand towel around my waist and enjoy the sunshine and sometimes the looks of my fellow sunbathers.
Note: During inclement weather or if there is a threat of thunderstorms (or typhoon), the sunning roof is closed. It's also closed and locked after 6pm everyday since they don't want people up there a night (screwing around).

4) There are a couple of tanning beds (coin operated) on the 3F (third floor).
5)1F has a smoking allowed TV lounge room, a smaller video room usually showing Japanese gay porn; there's also one on the 4F). There is a tiny bar/restaurant just behind the 2nd floor office. If needed you can use the 1st floor parking lot (pay per hour) or use the one across the street (per hour but maxes out at 1800 yen per day(? I think)


There is a lot I have learned about how Japanese men (I realize that is over generalizing) flirt or not, and also how they indicate a sexual interest or lack of one. It's too much to write about right now so I'll just be brief.

a) Looking in someone's direction for a long while will indicate you are interested. However, if he always makes a point to look away or actually moves away while you're looking, then it means he's NOT into your type. That being said, some men DO like to play the cat and mouse games. Some pretend to not be interested in hopes of stimulating your attraction and provoking you to attempt a conquest... so it's difficult at times to know really whether you end up connecting or not. So don't be too shy. Make your attraction known. If you cross the line, he'll leave or say something to the effect of 'Bugger off, faggot." (smile).

b) Pretending to be passive works for those overly aggressive types. Don't worry, there are a lot of them, despite what we (foreigners) usually might think of Japanese men. Horny is as horny does!
So sleeping with the cover pulled up to your neck. Or alternatively, sleeping on your stomach, in the nude, clothed or with just the yukata (gown) are bound to get you fondled or more invasively treated (fingers, tongue or cocks up the ass).

3) If a guy appears to be sleeping, you can try to raise the blanket or his robe to feel him up. He will probably squint open his eyes and get a look of you while you do that. If he's not into you, he'll push you away or grab his clothes back, and he may say something - especially if you do that more than one or twice in a row.

I prefer to get my jollies by hunkering down next to a couple who are in full coitus. Often times, the bottom is enjoying being watched as much as he is getting fucked, and many times, he knows that you'll be a great stand-in for another deep-dickin' butt fucking once his current man blows his load. I can't tell you how many times I had played second fiddle (stick) after one guys finishes with a bang, and the guy who was the bottom (suckee / fuckee) is not yet satisfied. Wanting more is certainly a good way to recall that 'beggars cannot be choosers'.

Well.. I've given up advice for today.... Now -- off again to 24 Kaikan for another great night of sex
P.S. Sundays before a Monday holiday tend to see 24 as packed and full scorchingly hot sex-driven salarymen on an orgiastic binge.

Go East, Young man! It's the best.

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