Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soccer player get banged up (his butt)


The top guy in the above video has a strong resemblance (in these photos only) to Major League baseball star, Ichiro Suzuki. I wonder if Ichiro's star performance on the American sport stage has made guys sit up and take notice of how hunky Japanese men can be.

Japanese Boy Butt Fetish in 9 parts
The clips below are not exactly in order, but there is a strong element of CmNm in some of them. They illustrate how erotically stimulating a man's ass and anus really are. The young guy getting his ass played with (in the later videos, especially Part 3) seems to be really sexually stimulated.
The top guy who is rimming the young stud really gives him a energetic anal tongue probe that is a true pleasure to watch.

Click the photo above to view video.


Click the photo above or visit: http://www.hotgoo.com/watch/16969

--------------------------------- Japanese boy butt festish Part 3

Click above or visit: http://www.hotgoo.com/watch/16971


Click here to view: http://www.hotgoo.com/watch/16970



Here are some more really sex butt-fucking vids of Japanese guys getting it on:



In Segment 3 of this series, the bottom gets his anus thoroughly rimmed by a guy's fingers, and then a small dildo, before getting plugged with his cock - doggie-style from behind. Just the way I love it.




To see a lot more of this videos, take a look at this page:

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