Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Short Asian Gay Story

12/3/2008 - Short gay Asian Story

After Stumbling out of bed and going to the bathroom, I ambled out to the kitchen. Knowing that my parents would be at work, expecting to have the house to myself, I didn't bothered to dress. Still half asleep, I stood naked in a burst of refrigerator light drinking from a carton of pichai It wasn't until this cute guy suddenly appeared in the doorway that led to the basement that I remembered my parents mentioning something about having the furnace service.

The guy looked me up and down with great interest. "You could stand to put on a little weight," he said with a snicker. "But you've sure got a great looking big asian cock." Immediately, blood rushed to my face. I just stood there with my mouth full of gay cum juice, staring at him. He was so damn good looking, for a moment I wondered if I was dreaming. He looked to be a few years older than me, twenty-five of so. He was average height, with a lean, somewhat muscular build. And whether he thought I was too skinny or not he was obviously attracted to me. I mean, his eyes were all over me, lingering wantonly when they fell to size up my asian cock. Embroidered on the pocket of his crisply pressed shirt, just below the company logo for Speedy Furnace Repair, was the name Mos. After finally managing to swallow, I sit the carton of gay cum juice on the counter and made a feeble attempt to obstruct his view of my stiffening big asian cock with my hands. "I wasn't expecting company," I said rather sharply. "I think I'd better get dressed."

Making himself at home at the kitchen table he glared at me with a crooked smile. "There's certainly no need to go to any trouble on my account," he said. "To be honest, I kind of like the view. Go ahead and finish you gay cum juice." I couldn't believe the nerve of this guy. Did he think just because he was so damn good looking it entitled him to take such brazen liberties?

"You know," he said. "With your boyish good-looks I'll bet you're a real heart-breaker." I was eighteen and aware of the fact that many of my features remained boyish, I certainly didn't need him reminding me. Being quite smug he leaned back in his chair. "I didn't mean to piss you off," he said. "It was a compliment. I'll bet there are a lot of guys who would just love to bend you over and drill that sweet little gay ass of yours."

My eyes wandered onto the cylinder shaped bulge that had begun to swell and stretch down the inside of his thigh. No doubt he was one of those guys. I had consummated my preference for big asian cock long ago, and while I definitely found the repairman attractive, I couldn't help being a little put off by his arrogance. "Seriously," said Mos. "You really are a knock out. Again I felt the familiar warmth of a blush returning to my cheeks. "Come now," he said. "Don't tell me no one has ever told you how gorgeous you are." I shook my head. No one ever had. He was the first. "I'll bet you're still a virgin too, aren't you?" If by virgin he meant I had neither fucked, nor been fucked, his gay assumption was correct. But virgin, or not, I wasn't so naive that I failed to recognize his desire to seduce me. "I think its time I got dressed," I said, slowly making my way toward the doorway. My heart nearly exploded when Mos reached out and took hold of my hand. "Come on now. What's your hurry? I think we should talk some more. I'd like to get to know you better."

He pulled me closer. His passionate brown eyes were fixed on the distended slab of teenage asian dick that now sprang up from between my legs. I gasped as he yanked me down across his knees. I realized at once that his strength was far superior to mine. Any attempt to deny him, even if I had wanted too, would have been futile.

One of his thick arms came to rest across my back, holding me firmly in place. "When was the last time you had someone give you a good spanking?" He ran a hand over my gay ass. "Damn, if that ain't a pretty gay ass," he muttered. "You've got the smoothest little bubble asian butt I've ever seen. I moaned painfully as he brought his hand down hard against my vulnerable asian buttocks. "You like being spanked, don't you?" God, help me, I did like it. I could hardly wait for him to smack my gay ass a second time, but I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was right. "One word about this to my parents and your job is history," I threatened, eager for him to continue.

"Never bullshit a bullshitter, kid. You're not going to say jack-shit to your parents. You've been beating your asian dick just aching for something like this to happen.

"You're crazy," I shrieked, my voice trembling with lust. "I was like you once," said Mos. That's how I know what to look for. Ever since you saw me standing in the doorway you've seized every opportunity to check out my big basket. Not that I blame you, I've got a big big asian cock, as you will soon see. Again his firm hand swept down to sting my gay ass, and again I cried out in ecstasy. Palming the fire that he had ignited in my posterior, he forced a hand between my
thighs to taunt my velvety ball-sac. "It makes you horny being touch like this, doesn't it?" said Mos. "And why not? It feels good."

"I want you to stop," I sighed hotly. Why was I saying no when my heart, body and soul was crying yes? "You don't mean that," said Mos, reaching a bit further between my legs to embrace my erect big asian cock. "Your asian dick doesn't lie. It knows exactly what it likes, and it's aching for more." I broke out in a passionate sweat as Mos's fingers stroked my twitching rod. "Really! You've got to stop," I demanded. "Don't worry," Mos sighed endearingly. "It's all right if you cum." "But I don't want to cum!" If liars are destined to burn in hell, I had just doomed myself to becoming a block of cinder. I was dumbfounded when the impassioned repairman leapt to his feet, sending me sprawling across the kitchen floor. Gazing at my exposed, six-inch projectile, Mos dropped to his knees. If I had been serious about escaping his advances this was the ideal opportunity to flee, but I didn't even try. I was too enthralled with the likelihood of being fucked my this handsome stud. Mos came down on top of me, nuzzling my neck, licking the tender buds of my erect nipples. The sting of his hand still burnt keenly on the surface of my asian buttocks as he thrust my legs into the air and forced my knees back against my chest. My chest heaved frantically as he bent down and with a single gulp consumed my entire big asian cock. I yielded completely to his will. The slickness of his lips moving up and down the length of my rigid asian dick was the most exquisite pleasure I had ever experienced. "Oh God, that feels good!" I groaned. "Suck it! Suck my asian dick into your throat. Ah, yeah. Do it! Eat my fucking big asian cock!" My legs trembled as he complied with my demands, taking my slender prick so deeply into his hungry mouth that his lower lip engulfed a good portion of my fuzzy ball-sac. I was through with pretending to be coy. I wanted this big handsome repair man , and I wanted him now.

My big asian cock flopped wetly against my belly as it slid from between his luscious lips. "I love the way you taste and smell," said Mos, inhaling deeply as he run his nose through my dense pubic hair. I shivered as his hot tongue licked my cream filled bangers and embarked on the narrow ridge of responsive flesh that marked the path to my gaping asian butt crack. "I'm going to devour you, man. I'm going to show you just how good man sex can be."

Shock waves quaked through my loins as Mos's long, wet tongue snaked its way through the sparse asian butt fur that sprouted from my steamy crevice. A sensation, unlike any I had ever felt, swept over me like a tidal wave. He licked my
tight pucker until my head was swimming with the intoxicating effects of his oral gay assault. Then, without warning, drooling profusely with lustful desire, the tip of his dancing probe stabbed wickedly into my tightly clinched burrow. He had breached the rim of my tender orifice. Wallowing in its own succulent gay cum juices, his burning tongue plunged deeper and deeper into the dank darkness of my virgin fuck hole, elevating me to a new level of awareness.

Mos retracted his splendid tongue, leaving my gay manhole to throb with beseeching desire. "Damn you taste good," he sighed with a slurp of satisfaction. I watched as he opened up the front of his pants and set free his rigorously throbbing erection. The shear size of his big asian cock was alarming, especially since I knew he intended to fuck me with this enormous tool. Mos stuck a finger into my gaping crack and stirred the slime that saturated my tense valley. He had huge hands. His fingers were long and thick -- smaller than a big asian cock, but large enough to cause me a significant amount of distress when he poked one up my gay ass. My anal corridor twitched spastically, its velvety walls clinging feverishly to the asian dicky finger that gently rotated to stroke my swollen pod of semen. The sensation was odd -- yet pleasing.

Taking my big asian cock into his fist, he squeezed a torrent of shimmering, gel from my piss-tube. The slickness of my asian dick gay cum juice lubricated his hand as he slowly started jacking me off. Within seconds he had brought me to the brink of coming. My body was on the verge of reaping the splendor of an orgasm when he unexpectedly released my hammering tool and withdrew his sticky finger from my gay ass. The sudden sense of abandonment left me numb and short of breath. Before I could fully recover he was pushing the head of his big asian cock up my asian butt, stretching my youthful pucker with the crest of his intimidating fuck muscle. Trembling with the agony of his penetration, I cried out like a wounded animal. Never before had I ever experienced such pain. Tears welled up in my eyes as my spastic rectum expanded to accommodate the full length of Mos's unsympathetic ramrod.

In a voice I vaguely recognize as being my own, I cried out. "Oh God, it hurts! You've got to take it out!" "I don't think so, kid. Don't fight it. It'll be fine, just relax." Mos withdrew all but the puffy knob of his swollen big asian cock. The pain was already beginning to subside. A pleasure, every bit as intense as the pain began to quiver up my spine. "Damn, you've got a hot little gay ass," Mos grunted. "I could fuck an gay ass like yours all day long. This is what man on man sex is all about, boy. Nothing I know of is more satisfying. It just doesn't get any better than this." There was a tenderness in his touch as his callused hands pulled and tugged on my bony big asian cock. He fucked me with slow deep thrusts, each more rewarding, more sensual than the last.

"Oh Christ, I'm almost there," Mos panted. "How about you, I'll bet those big nuts of yours are about to explode." "Oh yeah," I confirmed. "I can't hold back much longer. I'm on fire. Fuck me harder! Oh God, yes! Faster! Deeper!"

Soft whimpers of orgasmic gratification ricocheted off the kitchen walls as Mos withdrew his inflamed organ from my rectum and jacked off, shooting his stringy spunk across my belly. The seemingly endless torrent being expelled by his soggy pisshole was mesmerizing. The pearl-like phosphorescence pooling on my abdomen oozed through my pubic hair and trickled down my hot, tightly drawn ball-sac. Eager to alleviate the throbbing in my asian cock, I seized my big asian cock with every intention of jacking off. "No!" Mos panted. "I want to get you off." Again he shoved a finger up my gay ass, and I hissed and spat with amorous respect for his proficient love making skills. "Bang my fucking asian butt!"

I shrieked, squirming on the kitchen tile like a worm on a fisherman's hook. His free hand made a fist around my rigid big asian cock and he began to hammer away, slowly at first, then with a more purposeful intent. I could feel the semen within me churning, boiling, lurching through a maze of spastic aqueducts. "I'm gonna CUUUUM," I snarled, trembling with the feverish chills of unbridled ecstasy. Jism erupted the full length of my torso, splattering my neck and shoulders with ribbon-like curls of pent up passion. "Oh yeah," Mos cooed. "Shoot that big wad of sticky boy cream. Drain those big silky nuts all over your chest." Slowly my body returned to normal. Mos stood up, pulled up his pants, and tucked away his asian dicky joy-stick. Staring down at me he said. "You're really something, kid. I meant what I said about you being a heart-breaker, you really are. And on top of that, you've got one of the hottest little gay gay asses its ever been my pleasure to fuck." "I hope we see each other again sometime," I said, rising up to rest back on my elbows. "You can count on it," said Mos. "I'll be back this fall to service both your furnace and you." For the first time ever, I was looking forward to a short summer.

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