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Frisbee Soccer Team Gets Frisky

REVIEWED by Ryu on Queerclick: http://sticky.queerclick.com/post/20574?goto#20574 I noticed today that this blog: Kelly's Second Life, one of about 8 that I write, suddenly got a few thousand hits in one day seemingly out of nowhere. When I traced back, I discovered that Ryu, one of the regular contributors to Queerclick's Sticky!, has reviewed my Japanese homoerotic social bonding blog entries: "This guy Kelly is into CMNM, but we don't really care about that. We do care about the pictures he posted of hot Japanese men who get buck-naked with each other. Hot, homo-social bonding at its best." (Ryu on QC Sticky)
[Most of these ruminations on real life experiences are probably not really noteworthy for most people reading this blog, and will not have much meaning to anyone else but me.. but.. hey, it IS my blog -- after all. There isn't much I feel like sharing most of the time -- except when it strikes my fancy or when something feels close to home. One of the things that does turn me on is the not-so-innocent homoerotic interactions between young men in groups. Twinks who are horny and trying to establish their male identities and perhaps - in the process - work out their gender preferences is a sight I really enjoy seeing. As I live a good part of the year in Japan, I get many opportunities to see how young Japanese twinks go about negotiating this important part of the psycho-sexual development in social bonding with other males.]
Nearly a year ago, I wrote previously about the university frisbee soccer players and their candid use of nudity between them as part of establishing group norms, and maybe group hierarchy. Quite by accident, I happened upon this group of guys again late yesterday afternoon.

You can find that previous posting with some photos at:

It was an interesting day yesterday. It started off with me going with some university students to a local amusement park. I spent the half-day with a group of talkative girls who wanted to ride the Splash Bandit at least three times. It was certainly exciting, but I would have preferred to spend a little time with the guys, who ended up staying most of the afternoon in the pool and riding the water slides.

I did get my chance to go for a swim at about 4pm and had a little time alone - so I grabbed a draft beer (yep, they sell it right at pool side), and lay out in the waning sunshine to relax. After 5pm, I heard an announcement over the park PA system. I was being called by my group back to the front entrance since I was our 'scheduled' departure time. After some of them not having arrived on time, as much as one hour late and thus making up wait to enter the park, it was a bit ironic that they now wanted to bring our outing to a formal conclusion by having everyone present.  We all said our good-byes. The students were on their way to eat and drink - although I had been invited, I sensed that doing so was mainly out of obligation because they hadn't told me about this follow-up event until just a couple days ago. I was just as glad to make my excuses and make my way towards home. The weather had cleared up again, and it had gotten cooler - after a scorchingly hot afternoon with temperatures in the mid 30s (Celsius).

I took the gondola over the amusement park with panoramic views of the city skyline in the distance. My route would take me back to Tama River, so I decided to walk along the recreation area along the river bank, and slowly wind down on my way back home.

At this point in the year, summer vacation has just started, especially for university students. Semester exams have just finished, and so I hadn't expected to come across the intramural team of frisbee soccer players whom I had the pleasure of observing late last summer, and whose photos I posted in a entry in this post. When I cross the large bridge (soon to be expanded to 8-lanes), I turned east and followed the path along the baseball grounds, and soccer fields, and then caught a glimpse of a familiar site. There were about 15 guys - some of them in underwear or athlete shorts - almost all shirtless - clumped together on the edge of their make-shift frisbee soccer plot of ground - a grassy field next to a low-fenced baseball ground.

The above photo (grassy field along Tama River) is the only real picture from this incident on July 30 (mobile phone camera). It doesn't show much of what I saw from a closer distance as I passed the team in 'action'.

I could tell even from a distance of 400 meters that practice was over and there were in the middle of some after-practice shenanigans. There were boisterous and jostling each other. As I approached, I was awestruck. What? ...you ask. For what possible reason? Well. they were were obviously drinking -- perhaps to celebrate the last practice before summer vacation (or maybe it is just the first practice during summer break - I hope). A few guys had cans of beer and I saw them raise the cans to their lips. There were some more shoving and pushing, and then before I realized it one guy had his shorts pulled down to expose his sweet round buttocks, and hairy bush. The guys were catcalling and wheedling him and he wasn't unsuspecting of their motivations because he seemed to be pleased - at least he and they were laughed, so I could sense immediately it was not anything malicious or mean - but all in good fun. They seemed oblvious to the fact that an older foreign man was walking nearby. When I got a about 30 meters passed the group, I stopped to look at my phone, pretending I was answering a text message, all the while keeping a close eye on the antics happening back with the frisbee soccer players. Just then another member seemed to charge away from the group, letting his shorts droop down well below his groin. The laughter that followed his actions was loud, and I really want to get a good look, but I pretended to ignore this public display of maleness.

Eventually, I sat down and was able to snap some photos with my cellphone camera, but they can hardly show anything. The photos added here are ones that I found on the Net, but they illustrate the kind of clowning around with getting naked or partially so, and with forcing one of the group to strip that seems to happen to frequently among groups of male peers here in Japan.
This is a repost of a recent post on my Kelly's Second Life blog.

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