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Gay Japanese Men Gay Japan

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03 18th, 2009

Ever gotten excited watching a Japanese gay porno only to find all the best parts censored? That’s where Japanboyz comes in. Featuring 100% uncensored, original and all together kinky content of gorgeous boys from Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya, Okinawa and all over gay Japan. Experience the gay Japanese love….uncensored!!!

Hot Shunichi in raw uncensored action

Do you see that hot piece of ass sitting right there? His name is Shunichi and he’s from! When I first saw him, I thought that he was going to be the sexy shy type, but, boy was I in for a surprise! This stud was so wild and horny, I couldn’t believe how fast he stripped out of his clothes and began rubbing all over that tight Japanese body of his! This hottie sure knew how to push all of the right buttons for me, right up to the part where he exploded all over himself! Click here for 100% raw uncensored sizzling Japan Boyz action!

Takeshi’s ass is a real cock-tease

Look at that ass just begging to be rammed… Wouldnt you love to slide your dick into that shaft?? I bet Takeshi would just love you to do it too, and do it hard! He would get off on it big time, nothing turns him on more than to feel a dick deep inside him while he works away at his own cock. It makes his own cock get hard as your hard dick pounds away at him. He’s such a tease - see Takeshi work the juice out of himself as he imagines your cock giving him the pleasure through

The action hots up with some steamy Jap cock ‘n ass action

That young Asian manhole of Shioyas must be so used to taking cock now. It’s great to see such a hot young Asian stud with a hole so receptive to being poked up the ass. When I watch Yohey ram him I substitute myself. I feel my cock sliding into Shioya, pounding in and out with him softly moaning and groaning at the mercy of my rock hard cock. I picture his legs up over my shoulders, his arms clutching for support as my persistant cock bores away. I take a step back from my fantasy and see Yohey inside. It’s also exciting watching two hot virile Japanese boys fuck away for my pleasure. Just go to to see all their fuck action.

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